Counter Surveillance Basics And Tools

First of all, what is surveillance?

Surveillance is defined as secret and continuous watching and tracking a person, object, place, or vehicle to collect data and information about their identity and activities.

Best Counter surveillance, on the other hand, allows a person to detect, identify, and potentially reverse surveillance being used on them in a nefarious manner. In other words, if you’re being watched, counter surveillance tools and techniques are used to help you discover how you’re being watched and put a stop to it.


Why Would Someone Be Watching?

Someone might be using surveillance on another person for many reasons, including gathering information, monitoring movements, and planning criminal activity. Unfortunately, the latter is the most common reason for the average person.

Criminal activities are usually well-planned and investigated before the actual act is committed. When implementing a surveillance technique, the assailant will divide the process into four main events, which include:

  • Choosing a victim

  • Gathering information

  • Planning an ambush

  • Confirming the target’s location and implementing the attack

Criminals tend to use different methods when planning their activities. Most of the time, they turn to tactical planning and sophisticated equipment, which allows them to organize undetected surveillance on their target. The target may be anyone of interest to them, including you or your friends and family. This is why it is important to understand the basics of business counter-surveillance techniques, as it can help you detect potentially harmful surveillance and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


Counter Surveillance Tactics

Counter surveillance is a technique used to detect and recognize ongoing surveillance to develop suitable countermeasures. The goals are to trick the attacker and prevent the attack by ending or thwarting the surveillance. Some surveillance processes can take weeks or months of information gathering. While using counter-surveillance techniques can ensure that you not only detect your attacker, it also provides them with false information to draw their attention away from weak points in your security. Counter surveillance measures range from basic to highly sophisticated and are used by people who think they are being watched.


Implementing Counter-Surveillance Techniques

Counter surveillance tactics are used by people looking to reduce the risk of surveillance or avoid any surveillance that can place them in a potentially harmful situation. Sometimes, the use of advanced counter-surveillance tools is necessary to remove the potential threat. However, there is a set of actions that can help potential targets to detect the surveillance course.


Body Language

If you feel that someone is watching you in front of your house, create an appearance that you are looking around and trying to spot something. By swiveling your head, you will send a message that you are aware of the watcher.


Know Your Surroundings

The main goal is to make it difficult for your attackers to locate and follow you. Investigate your daily routes, check for any suspicious spots or vehicles parked near your property or other unusual activities, and note down which routes to avoid

Once you get familiar with possible attack sites and chokepoints, the next thing to do would be to “check yourself” or test the attackers. When you find yourself near the choke points, try to detect if anyone is following you. Some of the useful techniques that can be implemented here are speeding up and slowing down, stalling, or taking the one-way street. It is important that you pay attention to your surroundings in order to determine if someone is monitoring you.

If you do determine that something is going on, contact the police and report any suspicious activity, to prevent the actual attack from happening.


Useful Counter Surveillance Tools

In most cases, attackers are gathering information about the target in order to steal sensitive and private information. This means that the actual surveillance process involves advanced technology that is difficult to detect. In order to do so, you may require professional counter surveillance gear.

The best counter surveillance gear can be used for both personal and professional surveillance detection. It will help you detect any listening devices, trackers, bugs, or cameras. At BrickHouse Security, we offer a range of useful and practical counter surveillance tools, which will help you protect your privacy and find out if you are being targeted and watched. We offer an extensive range of camera finders, speech protection systems, jammers, voice changers, RF signal detectors, and more.

When it comes to your personal safety, the experts at BrickHouse Security are always here to provide the best tools and the most helpful information possible. We invite you to contact our team for answers to your questions about surveillance and counter surveillance tools and techniques.

Updated September 24, 2021