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Cyber Security to Protect Your Business

At BrickHouse Security, your protection is one of the primary concerns. We offer a variety of cyber security solutions for businesses to ensure that their bottom line is protected and their employees are being productive, efficient, and effective in the workplace.

Cell Phone Monitoring

With cell phone monitoring services, it is possible for you to know exactly what your employees are doing on their company-owned mobile devices. This service delivers a full view of company smartphone activity, from text and instant messages sent and received, and incoming and outgoing phone calls, to app usag, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Computer Monitoring

An important aspect of computer monitoring is filtering web activity so you can ensure that your employees are being productive throughout their work day. Our web filtering tool allows you to monitor which sites your employees are using, block and whitelist specific websites by address and keyword to protect activities, restrict access to social media sites, and more. You can also record all websites accessed and be alerted if selected sites or site categories are visited.

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring not only provides employers with peace of mind, it provides them with the tools they need to maintain maximum control over company productivity and compliance standards. Our employee monitoring system allows you to monitor emails sent and received, view both sides of instant messaging activity, keep a running list of websites visited, social media use, internet searches, and more, whether employees are remote or on-site.