GPS tracker accessories help you get the best performance from your GPS systems.

Whether you are tracking a teen driver's speed or monitoring a fleet of professional delivery trucks, you don't want to lose important location data because a battery went dead or your GPS unit was damaged or lost due to a lack of proper protection. Simple, affordable GPS tracker accessories like cases, mounts and adapters can prevent these problems and others, so you don't have to worry about suddenly losing track of your target or having to replace an expensive device.

  • 140-Day Battery & Case Accessory Kit for Spark Nano 7

    140-Day Battery & Case Accessory Kit…

    Extended battery and protective enclosure allow you to track for up to 4 months longer tha…

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  • LiveWire 4 OBD Connection Cable

    LiveWire 4 OBD Connection Cable

    Connector cable converts wired LiveWire 4 GPS tracker into a simple plug-and-play device

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  • OBD Y-Cable Extension for TrackPort

    OBD Y-Cable Extension for TrackPort

    Y-Cable extension allows users to connect to TrackPort and OBD port, leaving one female en…

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  • Spark Nano Hardwire Adapter

    Turn your Spark Nano into a hardwired vehicle tracker in minutes with this car adapter uni…

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  • Replacement Charging Cable for Spark…

    Replacement Charging Cable for either the Spark Nano 5 or Spark Nano 6 portable tracker.

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  • 90 Deg Ext. Cable for TrackPort GPS …

    90 Deg Ext. Cable for TrackPort GPS Trackers

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  • Spark Nano Extended Battery Fast Cha…

    This power adapter and fast charge cable reduces your Spark Nano extended battery's charge…

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  • Portable GPS Belt Pouch

    Portable GPS Belt Pouch

    Track a child, senior or anyone with this portable GPS tracker belt pouch.

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  • Magnetic Waterproof Case for Spark Nano

    Magnetic Waterproof Case for Spark N…

    Simple and safe mounting your Spark Nano GPS. Built to withstand toughest conditions.

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  • Extended Battery Pack for Spark Nano GPS

    Extended Battery Pack for Spark Nano…

    Case with extended battery pack can increase your Spark Nano's battery life by months!

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  • Replacement Harness for Livewire 3 G…

    This harness keeps your Livewire GPS tracker right where you want it at all times.

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  • Replacement Antenna Only for Livewir…

    This plug-and-play replacement antenna increases the accuracy of the Livewire base unit.

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