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GPS Tracking for Every Need

Whether you need permanent hard-wired trackers, the flexibility of battery power, or a mix, we’ve got it.

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4G for Dependable Coverage

BrickHouse GPS trackers are 4G wireless-enabled for fast & futureproof tracking across all of North America.

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International Capabilities

Seamlessly track assets, vehicles, or people, at home and overseas, with our international devices.

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Track All in One Place

Use the app or secure website to view live tracking and get instant alerts about the status of your trackers.

Trusted Since 2005
Trusted Since 2005

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Need a GPS tracker? Our trackers are built for any business need.

EON X-RayLong Battery Life
Longest Lasting GPS Battery Tracker

Long-term asset tracker with extended battery life. Tracks anywhere, indoors and out.

Spark Nano 7Micro Battery
Micro Battery
Small & Versatile 4G GPS Tracker

The smallest and most versatile battery-powered 4G GPS tracker available.

Spark Nanowith Extended Battery
The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered GPS

"Slap-and-Track" 4G GPS tracker lasts up to 140 days with our extended battery.

Sat Tracker SolarSatellite Tracker
Sat Track Solar GPS World Tracker

Track your business assets around the globe without a need for cellular service.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

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"I have been working with devices for years and find BrickHouse and their platform the best. I will recommend them to all of my colleagues utilizing GPS Tracking."

Harvey (Sellers & Associates)

"Your support and service is great! System working well. Cost was reasonable. All is right with the world! And we all woke up breathing... always a good sign."

Marti (AMSI)

"I've dealt with several members of your support staff. They are all very helpful and patient. You are the one company I work with that I don't dread calling. Thanks!"

Amy (Arizona Flyer Service)

"Your Customer service representative is extremely knowledgeable, ask probing questions and is very willing to help solve the customer’s issues!"

Holly (Fly Boyz, LLC)

More Features For Your Money

Know When Your Mobile Assets Deviate From Their Planned Routes With Geofencing

Harness the power of GPS geofences for your company. Simply outline a shape on the map, bordering a chosen area, or use advanced route geofencing, apply buffer zones, and receive immediate notifications the moment your assets veer from their intended path when they’re on the move.

You will receive your device pre-activated at a 1-minute tracking interval, but BrickHouse Security is always here to adjust your plan as needed. If you would like a more or less frequent tracking option, please call our Asset Tracking Experts today. (855) 457-1245.

Gives You the Answers You Need, Thanks to Real-Time Tracking and Alerts

How fast will your assets arrive if they are on the move? Where’s my delivery? What took the equipment so long to get here? Was it transported safely? BrickHouse Security has the answers when you and your clients have questions. Nothing builds lifetime brand loyalty like prompt responses with crucial information. Real-time GPS asset trackers tell you much more than where your business-critical resources are on a map. Up-to-the-minute updates provide a complete picture to answer every question that you and your customers might have.

Earn Insurance Discounts While Keeping Lost or Stolen Assets to a Minimum

Loss prevention is a large part of any organization that has valuable assets. Find your stolen equipment before a criminal absconds with expensive property, using BrickHouse Security anti-theft solutions. Even if no one attempts to steal your assets, insurance companies like to know that your investments are protected. Did you that installing a GPS-based theft recovery device can lower your insurance bills by as much as 15%?

GPS Tracking Devices to Monitor Your Business Assets in Real Time

Monitor all of your assets individually in real-time and locate them instantly from anywhere in the world using the Enterprise Tracking Platform. Add users, set business rules, and control administration access and permissions from anywhere with an internet connection. Our GPS tracking software is designed to make tracking easy for any user.

Monitor All Of Your Devices On One Intuitive Platform

Combine any of BrickHouse Security's super portable tracking devices, long-term trackers with amazing battery life, or tracking capabilities that work even at international borders all throughout North America. Stream them all on one dashboard live from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Get Reports Tailored Specifically for You Anytime You Need Them

The BrickHouse Enterprise Tracking Platform includes a large array of reports to understand all of the data gathered by your network of GPS trackers, but we know that sometimes you need more. We will create custom-designed reports, enabling you to maximize productivity. Drill down and monitor frequency of use, closest item search, identify unnecessary wear and tear, and more.

Powerful Enough for Law Enforcement

The BrickHouse GPS Platform is trusted by numerous local and state police forces and federal agencies. Call (646) 612-7032 to speak to one of our Law Enforcement Specialists about your department's needs.

Never Pay for Technical Support

GPS tracking networks can get complicated and your valuable business assets are too important to leave up to a guess. That’s why BrickHouse Security experts are always just a phone call away to answer any questions you might have about your equipment or the accompanying software. Our team of immensely knowledgeable specialists is here to help you every step of the way, whether you’ve just bought your product or have been using it for years.