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Optimized GPS Asset Tracking for Business

For assets large and small, on land or sea, there is a GPS solution built to protect them. Choose a small battery-powered tracker to monitor merchandise through every step of the supply chain, or keep an eye on heavy machinery and farm equipment with long-lasting large asset trackers. Satellite trackers allow you to pinpoint everything from shipping containers to valuable cargo anywhere in the world, irrespective of cellular coverage. And, through our professional GPS platform, you'll receive alerts the moment your device is tampered with. Protect what matters most to your business with BrickHouse Security's wide selection of GPS asset tracking devices.

Did You Know?

Tracking your assets using GPS tracking is the most effective way to know where your valuables are at all times. GPS asset tracking devices operate over cellular networks to ensure that you are always able to see the location of the device, and consequently, the asset that the device is attached to. These devices are small and are designed to not run out of power, offering either extra-long battery lives or hardwired capabilities. This makes them perfect for long-term tracking of trailers, jewelry, and other valuables or personal property.

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