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The Best GPS Trackers to Maximize Your Security Efforts

GPS tracking help users keep track of assets, vehicles, and in cases where it is legal to do so, other people. At BrickHouse Security, ensuring that our customers get the highest quality security tools is important to us. Our selection of GPS trackers, such as our best vehicle tracking devices and personal GPS trackers, are equipped with advanced features for meeting your needs.

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Did You Know?

A GPS tracker functions a lot like a cell phone: it calculates location, speed, and direction data using multiple GPS satellites, and it reports that data via a cellular network. Active trackers, also known as real-time trackers, contain GPS satellite receivers in addition to cellular transmitters, which enable the device to take in location information and transmit information right as it occurs. Passive trackers, also known as GPS loggers, take the information transmitted from GPS satellites and store it, with no means of transmitting the data.

To access location and speed information, the user needs to retrieve the GPS tracker and either plug the device into a computer or plug a SIM card into a computer. There are many different kinds of GPS trackers on the market to suit your own personal needs.

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