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Track vehicles, people, and assets all in real time — with BrickHouse GPS

Five Solutions, One Great Network: Choose from our family of trackers and monitor them all through one integrated platform

No matter what you need to track—vehicles, people, or assets—there is a tracker optimized for your unique needs. And with BrickHouse GPS, all of your trackers can be monitored in one place, at the same time. Our platform enables simultaneous tracking of any number of devices we offer. You can even check in on your trackers directly from your mobile device using our exclusive, intuitive apps for iOS and Android. What's more, because our network is supported by Verizon, you're guaranteed the best coverage in the US.

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Spark Nano 6.0 GPS Tracker
TrackPort 2.0 Vehicle Tracker
Livewire Micro 2.0 Vehicle Tracker
Livewire Vehicle Tracker
EON 3.0 Open Box GPS Tracker
Eon International GPS Tracker
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