Child Locators: Make Sure Your Little One Stays Safe

GPS tracking can be a lifesaver for parents, especially when children are beginning to assert  personal independence. Losing sight of your child, whether it's in a crowd or on the way to school, is one of the scariest moments a parent can experience. Fortunately, BrickHouse GPS child locator devices are capable of pinpointing a child's whereabouts instantly. Choose from real-time GPS devices that allow you to look up a location directly on your phone, or simple, inexpensive locators that sound a loud alarm, alerting you to your child's whereabouts while also warding off any potential danger. Give yourself peace of mind and protect your loved ones with GPS devices designed for tracking your child’s location in real time.

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Using GPS devices for monitoring kids is a perfect means of locating your child when they are out of your sight. A GPS tracking device for a child is designed to be small and lightweight, making it easy to carry or attach to your child, stash in their backpack, etc. Parents can be at ease knowing the whereabouts of their child, especially if they have special needs. Smaller GPS tracking devices can be placed in a child’s backpack to give you automatic updates when they enter or exit school or home. Updates can be texted or emailed, or even viewed on any computer or the smartphone app for iOS and Android. Some tracking devices for kids allow you to set an alarm to be notified of your child’s location. With no excessive fees, it’s convenient and affordable to keep track of your kids. As your child gets older, BrickHouse also offers a wide variety of ways to track your teenager, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind through every step of their lives.

The best child tracking devices provide parents with peace of mind by giving them the ability to customize what they are notified about and when. Customize your tracking platform or smartphone app to make sure that you receive alerts when your child goes somewhere they shouldn’t, leaves the specified zone that you set up for their safety, or departs from and arrives at destinations where they are expected to be like school, home, or their friend’s house. Geofences, or those designated zones, are a great way for parents to monitor where their children are going and when. This tool gives parents the ability to monitor their children’s location and movements through a system of alerts, making it easy to track individual movements without constant vigilance. 

Some parents worry that using GPS devices on their children will hinder their independence, but our team makes a point of providing education about how to foster independence and also encourage safety with GPS tracking. For more information about using GPS trackers to keep tabs on your children, we invite you to visit our GPS learning center which has been carefully curated to include answers to common questions and concerns our customers have. Learn more about the benefits of tracking children and some advice for fostering independence while also giving yourself peace of mind, or focus on technical aspects of GPS tracking like selecting the right GPS device for your needs, and understanding how certain technical things work like geofencing, intervals, alerts, and more, so you can take complete control of your child tracking.  

One of the most important parts of what we do is providing ongoing support and guidance to our customers. Our robust help center is designed to give you all of the information you need from setting up and using your device to troubleshooting problems that arise. Our customer support team is always available to you if you prefer speaking directly with a knowledgeable human,. They can provide you with one-on-one guidance and direct assistance with your personal needs. Our dedicated support team will help you troubleshoot your device, set up customizations, and answer any questions you may have.