Fence Me In: The Benefits Of GPS Geofencing


Protect your family and business: get text and email alerts when anyone enters or exits any area you select

Recent advances in GPS technology have made it possible to not only know where anyone or anything is at any given time, but through a method known as geofencing, you can even be alerted the moment a person or object enters or exits any area you choose.

A geofence is a virtual border that you set up in seconds. When a GPS tracker crosses that border, you're instantly notified via text or email. There are a number of applications for this tool, ranging from business to personal use.

Set Boundaries for a Better Business

Boundaries for a Better Business

Geofences are also a wonderful tool for business use. One of the hardest parts about managing a business in which you have drivers in the field is ensuring that they get where they need to be in a timely manner and without deviating too far off course, which not only shortens the lifespan of company vehicles, but also wastes time, gas, and crucial business resources.

Using a real-time GPS tracker, you can monitor your company vehicles wherever they go. You'll be able to see where a vehicle is at any given moment and, through the use of geofencing, you'll receive an alert the instant a driver veers off course while in the field -- or arrives back at your office.

Geofencing and Security for You and Yours

track to child

As a parent, sending your son off to school by himself for the first time can create a world of worry. There's always a risk that he may not get where he needs to go. A GPS device like the Spark Nano GPS tracker can do wonders for your child's safety -- and for your peace of mind. It is simple to place the Nano into your child's backpack, use  BrickHouse Security's exclusive GPS platform, and set a geofence around his school. The moment he crosses the geofence, you'll be notified via text or email.

This feature is also a great asset for parents of teenagers. Using geofences takes the second guessing out of letting your teenage daughter go out for the evening in the family car. If you're worried she's driving around with friends rather than heading straight to her destination, you can use a device like the TrackPort GPS Vehicle Tracker, set a geofence, and be notified the moment she gets on the freeway or strays too far from home. You can also get instant alerts the moment her car exceeds any speed you select.

Geofencing can be a lifesaver for those who take care of elderly parents or special needs children. Set a geofence around your home, and in the unfortunate event that someone wanders off, you'll be alerted in real time. This knowledge reduces search time and allows you to pinpoint anyone's location in minutes. All BrickHouse real-time trackers allow you to set and control multiple geofences.

Updated April 1, 2024