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With GPS trackers, tracking company vehicles has never been easier. From large fleets of service vehicles to individual company cars, GPS devices let you track everything from real-time location to detailed travel history and speed reports. And, with a wealth of GPS tracker types available, including small battery-operated devices, hardwired trackers that are directly installed into the vehicle, and more, there is a perfect solution available for whatever you need. Exclusive, intuitive apps even enable you to retrieve vehicle information on the go. Optimize and economize your business with these pro-grade commercial GPS tracking devices and systems. At BrickHouse Security, we care about your business and are here to help you make it as successful as possible. GPS tracking for your business vehicles can help bring your business to the next level.

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Did You Know?

GPS vehicle tracking is an important part of ensuring that your business is running smoothly. Your company vehicles operate independently, but GPS tracking gives you the ability to monitor each of them individually, whether they are out on the road making deliveries or service calls, or stored in a company lot. Fleet owners and managers may benefit from placing GPS trackers on individual fleet vehicles in order to keep track of employees’ whereabouts, speeds, stops, and more, all in real time. GPS fleet tracking has been shown to improve fleet performance and keep employees accountable. Investing in GPS vehicle tracking has also been shown to help fleet managers save money in the long run.

Using GPS vehicle tracking for your business can provide many benefits, from ensuring that you are aware of vehicle maintenance needs the moment they come up to protecting your employees from unsafe driving and inefficient routes. The information provided by the GPS tracking platform enables business managers to see the locations of their entire fleet at a glance which is useful for efficient dispatch and proper team management. Whether your goal for your business is to monitor your employees’ movements or simply to be aware of everyone’s location at all times, the benefits offered with GPS tracking are endless! 

Some of the other useful features of vehicle GPS vehicle trackers include programmable text and email alerts about your vehicles and customizable programming to ensure that your specific tracking needs are met. Whether you’re concerned about your employees’ driving speeds, unauthorized stops, or something else, the BrickHouse Security user platform for our GPS tracking devices are customizable, giving you the option of tracking exactly what you want to track. We offer a range of the most dependable devices, enabling you to track your fleet vehicles’ routes, speeds, and stops, as well as any traffic altercations they may encounter. Use vehicle tracking to know where your professional vehicles are at all times and be able to pull up their locations, movements, events, and more, to view them at a glance. 

If you have not yet explored our GPS learning library, we recommend exploring the articles there to answer any questions you may have about implementing GPS tracking into your business. We provide a variety of articles designed to answer questions that our customers have brought to us, including expert guides on choosing the right GPS tracker for your business needs, using GPS tracking to improve business efficiency, where to place a GPS tracker for optimal performance, legal considerations for tracking employees, and more. Our robust help site is also a great resource for troubleshooting and installing devices, using the tracking platform, generating and customizing reports, and more. If you still have questions after exploring our bank of helpful resources, our support team is also at your disposal and able to answer your questions and guide you in your tracking needs. Customer education is important to our team because we firmly believe that a person armed with knowledge will be more successful, and we want your GPS tracking needs to be a success.

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