ELD with HOS

Track and Manage Your Fleet with an Electronic Logging Device with Hours of Service

Everything You Need at an Affordable Cost
Everything You Need at an Affordable Cost

Ensure Your Drivers Stay Safe and Compliant

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What is HOS?

HOS, or "Hours of Service," refers to the maximum amount of time a fleet driver is permitted to be on the road per day and calculates the number and length of rest stops. The purpose of the ELD mandate was to ensure that drivers are getting adequate rest and operating safely, for themselves and others who share the road with them. All carriers and drivers operating commercial vehicles are expected to comply.

Why Choose BrickHouse Security?

We’re experts with nearly two decades of experience in security, safety compliance, and fleet management. We’re committed to providing easy-to-use ELD solutions to make FMCSA compliance as simple and affordable as possible. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop the solution that works best for your fleet.

ELD Product Features

Meet Government Requirements

If your company is required to adhere to FMCSA guidelines, BrickHouse Security can provide you with the tools and systems you need for compliance. Our team will work with you to ensure that you have all the necessary tools.

Monitors Using a Single Platform

Our simple-to-use GPS tracking platform allows you to use a single login to monitor all drivers for hours of service, location tracking, dispatch, maintenance, and more.

Ensure Compliance of All Drivers

Our electronic logging devices and universal tracking platform allow for real-time tracking. This enables you to monitor your drivers to ensure that your entire fleet is complying with hours of service requirements.

Easy Installation and Use

We understand that ELD compliance is a requirement rather than a preference. For that reason, we ensure that our devices are easy to install and programs are simple to use for both drivers and fleet managers.

Want to Try a Demo?

Not sure if you’re ready to purchase? Contact our team today and we can get you started with a free demo so you can see why BrickHouse Security is right for you.

More Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Advanced Reporting

Manage your fleet by monitoring everything you need to, from driving habits to vehicle maintenance history and more. Customize your tracking to monitor what matters most to you.

Instant Notifications

Customize your platform to receive instant notifications about things that matter to you, whether that is unsafe driving activities, arrival and departure times, or HOS violations. We help you stay in the know.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Use the GPS tracking platform to show customers the location of your drivers or to manage your fleet dispatch to ensure that customer service is fast and reliable.

Manage Who Sees What Information

Fleet managers can grant or revoke access to team members, setting up customized dashboards according to what each person needs to access.

No Hidden Fees

We provide all program updates free of charge, in addition to lifetime support from our team of experts.

Telematic Sensor Integrations

Need additional functionality from your devices? We support adding sensors, such aas tamper, temperature, and humidity monitors, to help you protect your cargo as well as your drivers.