Instantly locate people, vehicles or assets with BrickHouse’s best GPS trackers


Spark Nano

The Spark Nano is the best-selling and most popular GPS tracker of all time. And because it’s the smallest, most lightweight GPS tracking device on the market, people use it in a variety of ways. Place it in a backpack or coat pocket and it’s a personal tracker. Use the available magnetic case to hide under your car and it’s a vehicle tracker. Include it in a package or leave it on a boat and it’s an asset tracker. However you choose to use it, you can monitor speed and location information in real time from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.



When we say "plug and play," we mean it. Simply plug this tiny GPS vehicle tracker into a car's OBD port under the dashboard and you're ready to start monitoring speed and location. Since there’s no installation, you can move it instantly from car to car. And with lightning-fast 10-second updates, you'll always know where your employee or teen is going and how fast they’re driving. And the TrackPort gets its power from your vehicle’s electrical system, so it’ll never run out of juice. Get plug and play vehicle tracking at its best with the TrackPort.


Livewire Dash

If you're looking to covertly track a vehicle, look no further than the Livewire Dash GPS Vehicle Tracker. Once it’s installed, this Livewire is completely invisible to the driver. And since it gets its power from your vehicle, there’s no need for batteries. Its external antenna and 10-second location updates give you the most detailed and accurate location data available, and its built-in 12-hour backup battery will continue to track even if the vehicle has no power. Keep an eye on personal vehicles, company cars and more with this best-in-class GPS tracker.


EON 2.0

When it comes to monitoring the location of your valuable assets or vehicle, the EON GPS tracker has everything you need in a self-contained unit. As one of our most rugged devices, the EON includes a long-lasting 100-day battery, tracking hardware, and a powerful magnetic mount. The system utilizes BrickHouse Security’s exclusive GPS tracking platform and dedicated iOS and Android apps, enabling you to monitor the device’s location in real-time from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


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