How to Approach Your Teen About GPS Tracking

Children grow fast and parents are not able to keep them in sight at all times. Having a young driver in the family can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. As much as parents may trust their teenagers, knowing that your teen is driving a car on their own is often cause for concern and even anxiety.

New and young drivers lack experience and skill, which can make them more distracted and indecisive on the road. Unfortunately, this often leads to greater risk of accidents.

The best way to improve your child’s driving skills and habits is to set an example. By following general traffic rules and avoiding phone usage and texting while driving, you’ll be their role model and encourage safe driving. While teens may attempt to mimic the safe driving habits of their parents, they are growing up and becoming independent, which means they will often be faced with the need to make their own choices about safety.  

For parents who want to provide their children with additional safety, today’s security technology allows for a number of monitoring options that give parents more information about their teen driver’s activities, alerts during emergency situations, and more. Having this information available gives parents the opportunity to provide instructive feedback and have peace of mind about their child’s safety.


Should You Track Your Children?

Although tracking and monitoring your children has its benefits, it is important to build trust. Remember that teens are learning to be more independent and make their own decisions. Teens often seek their parents’ approval and trust, so before reaching for alternative monitoring systems, make sure you take the time to discuss the purpose of it with your teenager. When you go through all the pros and cons together, your teenager will be better able to understand your concerns and point of view. Showing that you have trust in their judgment will help. When children know that they are trusted and considered responsible, they are more likely to act accordingly!


How To Talk To Your Teen About GPS Tracking

If you decide that monitoring your teenager is what you want to do, try to explain the process to them. Privacy is important, especially for a young teen. No one wants to come across as invading or sneaky parent. In order to explain your decision, try to sit down with your child and explain what exactly you are going to monitor.

Although revealing your new plan might lead to a disagreement, by telling them the truth and explaining what led to your decision, you’ll allow them to better understand risks and dangerous situations that can occur while they are behind the wheel.

It is important that they realize that your GPS tracking strategy only exists to keep them safe and to teach them how to be cautious and responsible while driving.


Choosing The Right GPS Tracker

There is a wide range of tracking systems and devices available. However, when it comes to teen driving, GPS tracking is the most popular solution. GPS vehicle tracking devices will provide you with in-depth information such as real-time location, speed alerts, and more. You can receive live updates directly to your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

At BrickHouse Security, we offer an extensive selection of GPS tracking devices for parental use. We provide you with that extra piece of mind that will allow you to monitor your teen’s driving behavior, but also encourage them to build good driving habits.

When choosing the right GPS tracker, it’s important to consider three things:

  • Duration or how long you need to track

  • Location or where you need to track

  • Reporting or how you wish to retrieve tracking data

Once you determine your needs and requirements, you’ll be able to choose the right tracking solution. BrickHouse Securityoffers a range of short and long-term GPS trackers for a variety of uses. From battery-operated trackers to hardwired devices that can be plugged into the standard OBD port on your vehicle, we make sure that you choose the right tracking solution that you and your family members can easily understand and interpret.

We invite you to contact our friendly team at BrickHouse Security to discover reliable and affordable GPS tracking solutions that will keep your teen drivers safe.