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Using GPS for Business Fleet Tracking

Monitoring the whereabouts of a number of company vehicles on the go, whether around town or around the country, can be complicated for fleet managers. GPS fleet tracking devices enable accessibility and ease of use, giving managers the ability to monitor employees’ movements and activities from wherever they are. In addition to providing information, fleet tracking can be used to optimize daily operations, ensure safety of company vehicles and equipment, and ensure an added level of customer satisfaction, all working toward meeting your company’s business goals.

  • TrackPort 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

    TrackPort 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Simple plug and play GPS Vehicle Tracker.

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  • Livewire 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Livewire 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Fastest 4G vehicle tracker installed to be completely covert & managed via the app

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Did You Know?

There are so many ways fleet tracking can be used to benefit your business. These are just a few of them. 

Lower Your Labor Costs and Improve Productivity

It's no secret that some of your drivers are more productive than others. Hold everyone in your fleet to the same productivity standards and increase every field employee’s value with easy-to-understand driver performance reports.

Asset Monitoring Solutions That Grow with Your Business

Monitor 2 to 10,000 devices on our Enterprise Tracking Platform. Add users, set business rules and control administration access and permissions from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Best GPS Geofencing with Instant Alerts

Put the power of GPS geofencing to work for your business. Draw a circle or a polygon around any area you choose, or select advanced route geofencing with fully adjustable buffer zones and get instant alerts if your drivers deviate from their scheduled routes.

How Am I Driving? Get the Answer Anytime

Know in real time if your field employees are driving too fast using our fleet tracking devices and equipment. Get instant notifications via text or email when a vehicle exceeds any speed you select, monitor legacy driving data, and generate reports for any time period, seeing them in a simple, intuitive dashboard view.

Free and Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support

Nothing's more frustrating than trying to manage your critical business technology via email. We’re open when you are. And when you need answers or support, a BrickHouse Security expert is always just a phone call away.

No Software to Install - Get Automatic Updates Via the Cloud

We're constantly improving our GPS platform. With Cloud-based delivery, you’ll get crucial upgrades and enhancements without lifting a finger. Every business quarter — and whenever else it's necessary — the latest features will automatically be added to your system.

Extend the Life of Your Fleet

Healthy cars and trucks stay on the road longer. When you track your fleet maintenance information, including miles driven, in one centralized system, you know for sure that all your vehicles are being properly maintained and performing at maximum efficiency.

Mix, Match, and Monitor Multiple Devices On a Single Platform

Combine any of BrickHouse’s plug-and-play OBD trackers, personal fleet tracking devices, or hardwired vehicle trackers and view them all on a single dashboard in real time from any Web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Custom Report Development Whenever You Need it

In addition to an industry-leading assortment of standard reports, we'll custom-create the reports you need to maximize your fleet's productivity. Drill down and monitor frequency of visit, closest item search, driver productivity, scheduled maintenance, and more.

Answers for Your Industry

Check out custom solutions for taxi and limousine fleets, outside sales forces, food and merchandise delivery, uniformed and executive security, event management, courier and messenger services, mobile advertising, and more.

Choose Your Dashboard Views for Maximum Efficiency

The BrickHouse Platform enables you to select QuickView for a simplified, real-time location summary — perfect for executives or infrequent users — or get as granular as you like with our powerful Enterprise Dashboard and advanced reporting features.

Supercharge Your Response Times

Win clients for life with ultra-fast response times. Real-time GPS tracking and instant vehicle location let you find out immediately who's closest to the job site so you can dispatch the nearest available driver in seconds.

Save Money, Buy Less Gas

Optimized routing with geofences and advanced trip reporting can ensure that your field employees drive fewer miles every day. Plus, excessive idling reports tell you immediately when fuel is being burned unnecessarily.

Lower Costs Are a Competitive Advantage

When your fleet's productivity is optimized, you lower the cost of doing business across your organization. And when your costs are lower, you free up more resources to help you win more deals.

Earn Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies need to protect their investments — and they place a lot of emphasis on asset protection. Lower your insurance bills by as much as 15% when you install a GPS-based theft recovery device.

Theft Recovery: Take Back What’s Yours

Every organization with a fleet in the field has to find a way to minimize vehicle and asset theft. BrickHouse anti-theft solutions help you locate your stolen car or truck before the bad guys get away with your property or your client’s merchandise.

Never Say "I Don't Know" to a Customer Again

How fast can your guy be here? Where's my delivery? What took him so long? Did he hit traffic along the way? When you or your clients need to know, BrickHouse delivers the answers.

Trusted by Law Enforcement

The BrickHouse GPS Platform is currently being successfully deployed by numerous local and state police forces and federal agencies. Call (855) 247-2491 to speak to a law enforcement specialist about your department’s needs.

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