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Knowing the location history, travel speed, and stop times of vehicles or other tracked objects can relieve personal anxiety and ensure business productivity. BrickHouse Security offers a variety of affordable GPS data loggers to keep you in the know with after-the-fact data. Our selection of GPS locators includes plug-and-play units, devices powered by USB or cigarette lighter connections, and weatherproof options that can be mounted on the exterior of a vehicle with a magnetic case. 

For those who wish to track but are looking for a lower-priced option that doesn’t require additional fees. The motion-activated iTrail GPS Logger delivers five days of battery life. With our Tracking Key GPS Logger, you can obtain instant access to your GPS data and location history from any PC. It is important to note that data loggers do not provide real time tracking data and should only be used on occasions where real time tracking is not necessary, but are a great option as they are the best price from among GPS devices. Browse our collection of GPS locators to find products with the features that best fit your personal and business needs.


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We understand that most people purchase GPS devices for peace of mind, whether to keep track of your assets or to protect your loved ones. A data logger is the best means of monitoring the location of a person, vehicle, or asset without incurring monthly GPS tracking fees. Data loggers are micro GPS locators, the smallest and most affordable GPS asset tracking options in the industry. It is simple to place a tracking logger in a vehicle or bag and retrieve it later to examine the data that was gathered. Information logged may include where the device traveled and how quickly it moved. Detailed breadcrumb accounts of the device’s movement will help you to create a picture of previous locations as you keep track of your assets. While customization and real-time reporting are not available through data loggers, no monthly fees help make this the perfect low-cost GPS solution. This GPS device allows you to view your results from any computer with a USB port. 

GPS data loggers are simple to use, hassle-free means of tracking. While using a GPS data logger is only useful in situations where real time updates are not necessary, there are many uses for data loggers that go far beyond those of traditional GPS tracking. Many people use data loggers for hiking, road trips, and other adventures so that they can look back later and see their routes, distances traveled, and places visited. The benefit of using a data logger is that there is no monthly fee normally associated with cellular use for sending updates and transmitting location data, making it one of the best price GPS tracking options on the market. 

When you purchase a GPS device from BrickHouse Security, education and knowledge is always included in your purchase. It’s important to our team that each and every one of our customers is aware of the potential uses for their GPS device and understands how to use the device to achieve your GPS tracking goals. Our GPS tracking learning library offers a number of useful articles to help you learn more about how GPS tracking works, choosing the best tools for your GPS tracking applications, information about what you can do with a GPS tracker, and more. Each of these articles has been custom curated to answer questions that our actual customers have about GPS tracking. If you still have questions after exploring our knowledge base, we invite you to visit our help site which is full of useful information about technical specs and troubleshooting, or contact our support team directly if you would prefer to speak directly to a human who can assist you through your personal situation. Because our customers’ satisfaction is so important to us, we make it a priority to assist our customers with making the right selection and learning how to use their device and the software that goes with it.

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