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Whether you need to locate and monitor a fleet, a business asset, or an employee, there’s a business GPS tracking device for you. Choose portable, hardwired, or plug and play models. Save on fuel costs and improve your customer service with GPS tracking solutions. Save on fuel costs and improve your customer service with GPS vehicle trackers. Or monitor valuable business inventory with BrickHouse GPS asset trackers. Trust the experts in business GPS tracking, and shop with confidence. All of our business GPS tracking solutions include free and unlimited technical support and free lifetime hardware replacements.

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Business owners no longer need to rely on your own ability to physically keep track of your employees and business assets. Our best GPS trackers and GPS asset trackers are designed for business applications. Keep track of your fleet vehicles, your most valuable inventory, and more with our variety of GPS tracking options. These GPS trackers operate over a cellular network, allowing you to check for current location information as well as details about movement, speed, and paths of travel.

These devices come in a range of options including portable, hardwired, and plug-and-play models so that you can easily choose the version that is most likely to meet your needs. A GPS tracker is one of the most accurate ways to monitor inventory, save on fuel costs, improve customer service, and so much more.

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