International Trackers for Monitoring Your Assets Anywhere on Earth

When it comes to asset management, whether you’re shipping products around the globe or storing items far from home, international GPS trackers can help provide you with peace of mind about the whereabouts of your valuables, no matter where in the world they are. Satellite trackers function even in obscure areas where cellular signals are notoriously weak, like on cargo ships and transportation across wilderness regions, giving you up-to-date information about your assets that would be otherwise impossible to have. If your assets are moving across state and national lines, selecting a tracker designed for international travel will be the best way to ensure that you’re always informed about the movements and locations of your valuables, assets, vehicles, cargo, equipment, and more.

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Did You Know?

International GPS tracking devices are designed to take the worry out of international travel, giving you peace of mind. Many GPS tracking devices are designed to work at home, but when you have to move assets, people, and vehicles internationally, the right GPS tracker will enable you to manage that process with ease. Some forms of international travel require specialized devices to be tracked, for example when a fleet of vehicles or train is moving through a wilderness area or cargo containers are being loaded onto a ship bound for a long journey. Whichever your situation, rest assured we have a tool designed to meet your needs. 

With a satellite-enabled GPS tracking device, even if cell phones are not receiving signals, you will be able to use an international GPS tracker to determine a vehicle’s location, speed, direction of travel, and more. The ability to verify these details will set your mind at ease, especially when you are concerned about the safety of your family members or assets because of natural disasters, limited communications, unstable governments, and more. In some cases, use of GPS trackers can also reduce insurance rates and enable police to more easily locate stolen vehicles and goods. Whatever your purpose for engaging a GPS tracking device for international monitoring, we have the tools to keep you covered. 

GPS trackers are incredibly useful for business owners who are concerned about identifying real-time goods delivery, improving productivity, eliminating waste, and managing employee use of company property. Real-time GPS trackers are designed to use web-based software, delivering information instantaneously. The GPS tracker of your choice can be installed in the target vehicle and you will be able to login for both current and historical locations, as well as other useful GPS tracking data. With BrickHouse Security's international GPS trackers, you won't need a passport to stay informed.

Tracking people, vehicles, cargo, and more is notoriously difficult in wilderness areas where cellular signals are limited, and satellite-enabled devices are the best option for offsetting that concern. Satellite trackers are best used in such environments as cargo ships, long distance truck travel, on shipping containers, etc. The only thing you need is an external place for mounting your tracking device to ensure direct view of the sky by satellites. If you need help selecting the right place to mount your satellite tracker, please contact our dedicated support team for guidance. 

As you’re working on selecting the right GPS tracker for your application, we invite you to explore our GPS learning library where we’ve curated articles on a variety of helpful topics that our customers have asked about. Some useful articles include information about how to use asset tracking in business applications, legal considerations of tracking employees, choosing the most appropriate GPS tracking device for your specific business needs, how to place your GPS tracker, a topic that is very important for satellite tracking, our international GPS tracking primer, and more. If you still have questions or concerns about your selection, you can visit our help site, or our customer support team is always available to answer your questions.