Using the BrickHouse Phone Tracker for Lone Worker Safety

Providing your employees with freedom and independence to do their job is essential, but equally as imperative is ensuring each worker is safe and protected. As an employer, business owner, or manager, you understand the responsibility to care for each member of your team, whether that’s through productive workload and task management, or health and safety precautions.

Using an application like a lone worker safety app will help to reduce hazards, improve worker protection, and ensure your team feels supported – no matter how far out into the field they need to work.

Lone Worker Phone Tracking Application

Consider implementing an app such as the BrickHouse Team Phone Tracker App, which will transform any mobile phone into a GPS tracker. A lone worker tracking app such as this can ensure your staff are working in a safe environment and can report any issues quickly and efficiently. Using a tracking device to enhance your lone worker safety will help any business to minimize risk to staff, avoid dangerous hazards, and improve the safety and confidence of your team.

The BrickHouse lone worker tracking application involves a simple set up, as the application can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone. With the app, there is no need to purchase a new lone worker device for each of your team, as the lone worker app can be installed onto your existing company mobile phones.

Each worker’s tracking app can be operated and monitored to check lone worker safety and progress throughout each working day. The BrickHouse Team Phone Tracker App comes with application management via the Cloud Platform, which allows business managers and owners to manage each team member remotely.

Safety and Protection For Your Workforce

One of the main reasons for using a lone worker safety app is to prevent or to manage hazards and accidents. A lone worker app such as the BrickHouse Phone Tracker can provide a method of sending an SOS alert to a manager, or a help center, depending on your plan. If an employee needs to alert other members of their team to an accident or a hazard, messages can be sent promptly.

Employee safety is essential to any business, as protecting staff also goes hand-in-hand with protecting company productivity and revenue. Providing workers with a lone worker safety app can allow teams to report issues relating to health and safety with speed and efficiency. This can aid in accident avoidance and reporting of any incident. A lone worker app will support your organization, giving lone workers the knowledge that if they were to find themselves in danger, it will be easy to call for immediate assistance.

Improve Employee Confidence

Many roles which require working autonomously have a level of risk. By installing a low-cost solution like a tracking app, which can be easily added to any smartphone, employers can track each employee’s movements by way of GPS signals. Adding an app such as a lone worker tracking app is one of the cheapest options available to employers to monitor and protect their staff while out in the field.

Looking after your workforce is highly essential for staff welfare but also worker productivity, and ultimately your bottom line. After all, your business depends on the people who work for you!

To find out more about the BrickHouse Lone Worker Safety App and how it could benefit your business, get in touch with our team today.