The Best Security Devices for Solo Travel

If you are planning to travel on your own, you’ve probably considered the element of personal safety. Whether embarking on a short or a long trip, for work, or for a holiday, traveling solo means being totally self-reliant and making sure that you can handle any dangerous situation that arises

Preparation is key to ensuring that your trip is a safe and secure one. Whether you’re looking to protect yourself, your individual belongings, or your vehicle, investing in security devices for solo travel can ensure your safety, deter an attacker or stop a theft, meaning that you can continue to enjoy your trip away, hassle-free.


Self Defense Tools

Taking a trip by yourself can be highly enjoyable but also makes you more vulnerable to being approached. Unfortunately, not all destinations are entirely safe to go on your own and nearly anyone can be the victim of unwanted behavior.

A variety of personal alarm self-defense devices are available to help you can stop an attacker. Many of these are equipped with loud alarms that are capable of alerting nearby pedestrians that you are in danger. Easy to conceal under clothes or on a keyring, there are many different types of personal alarms available, depending on your preferences. Most individual security alarms are easy to disguise on your body and are compact and easy to transport, giving you peace of mind that you can access your device quickly and handle a situation like this if it arises.

If you’re unsure of the safety of an area you will be traveling to and want to ensure maximum self-defense, consider packing heavier-hitting self-defense weapon, like a stun gun or pepper spray, which will stop an attacker in their tracks. These products will temporarily harm an attacker and are legal to use in the United States. However, if you’re traveling, then it’s best to check that country’s laws, state’s laws, and airline regulations regarding the use and transport of these items.


Car Cameras

If you're taking a trip on the road and travelling in a vehicle by yourself, you can increase your car’s security by fitting a dash cam.Car Cameras, or dash cams, are easy to install inside your vehicle and act as a mobile security camcorder for your car.

If your dash cam is mounted in a visible location, the sight of it can prevent opportunist thieves from trying to break into your vehicle. These useful devices can be placed to record inside or outside of the car, meaning recording crime or damage from any angle. Some of our available camera models also record during both the daytime and nighttime, with night vision capability, so that your vehicle is protected around the clock.

Dash cameras can also be useful in the case of an accident, removing doubt if there is a collision regarding who is the responsible party. Footage can be provided to the insurance companies in the case of a claim, relieving the worry for anyone involved.


Diversion Safes

Small yet valuable items such as watches, necklaces, money, or keys can be attractive to thieves while you’re traveling by yourself. To avoid keeping small valuables in obvious places, such as in pockets of luggage or jewelry carrying containers left in your hotel room, consider storing these small items in a diversion safe.

Diversion safes are cleverly designed to offer you a secure place to store your most valuable possessions. They are disguised as ordinary, everyday items, and are a reliable way to hold your valuables. These safes are popular security options to hide expensive things around the home, however, they can also be useful for storing small objects while on the road or travelling.

Designs such as soft drinks cans or mugs in our assortment of diversion safes keep your valuable possessions hidden amongst other everyday items so that you can store your expensive belongings in plain sight, yet completely concealed from thieves.


Emergency Survival Equipment

No situation is more accurate for the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ than one involving emergency gear. If you face a situation where either you or another person is in harm or danger, the right emergency equipment can make all the difference between safety and injury.

Possibly the most essential piece of equipment to pack for solo travel is a first aid kit, with essentials included to treat minor injuries such as sprains, insect bites, burns, or cuts which, if left untreated and unsterilized, would develop into a more severe injury. Our selection of first aid kits include packages which are specifically designed for travel and contain all the necessary equipment that you’ll require while away from home.

If you’re traveling off the beaten track, away from towns and cities or for a camping trip, survival equipment such as water purification tablets, lighting, and radios can help you in an isolated location. The Brickhouse Security range ofemergency survival equipment is designed for all scenarios and will ensure preparation for any unexpected occurrence.


GPS Tracking for Personal Use

When embarking on solo travel, it’s worth considering a personal GPS tracker to keep on you, that can report your location back to friends and family at home.

More reliable and more widely covered than the typical cellular network, a GPS tracker can relay your exact location at any given time using GPS networks, which means your position is reported accurately, and even from the most remote places.

Our range of GPS trackers for personal use can provide peace of mind for your loved ones while you’re away traveling solo, ensuring they can always know your location - no matter how far you go off-grid.

If you would like more information on our full range of security devices for solo travel, the BrickHouse Security team is here to help. Our team would be happy to speak with you about your needs and guide you to the best security tools to meet them.