Classicly Sleek Hidden Minicam for Truly Covert Recording

Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

  • Captures hours of high definition video in single charge for hands-free, long term recording
  • Small and portable camera for around-the-house stealth surveillance
  • Customizable settings based on motion, sound, vibration, or time ensure you are alerted of any action
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Camscura Micro Hidden Camera
  • Captures hours of high definition video in single charge for hands-free, long term recording
  • Small and portable camera for around-the-house stealth surveillance
  • Customizable settings based on motion, sound, vibration, or time ensure you are alerted of any action

The best-in-class camera you trust just got a newer, sleeker look. This compact mini hidden camera can capture hours of crisp, high-definition video in just one charge. The Black Box Micro HD cam gives you control of your home by turning virtually any household object into a surveillance system. From a tissue box to a teddy bear, any object can become your new set of eyes with this specialty camera. Record in the way that works for you with customizable settings based on motion, sound, vibration, or time, or record continuously for full coverage. Keep an eye on the new caregiver, or stop a thief in their tracks with this high-quality, adjustable-orientation surveillance.

Special features include:

  • Selectable day and night modes for alternating recording

  • All recordings are time-stamped, providing marked footage for evidence or easy playback 

  • Frame rate and video resolution adjustment to record how you want

A BrickHouse Security exclusive, let us help you protect what matters most with the Black Box Micro. 


Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio. Click here to learn more.


Brand: BrickHouse


In The Box
BrickHouse Black Box Micro HD Hidden
AC Power Adapter
Charging Cable

Special Feature: This sleek cam turns any household object into a surveillance source

Dimensions: 3.5" x 0.67" x 1.69"

Power: Battery 10 hours Recording time, 90 Days Standby

Transmission: Built-in Recorder

Storage: SD Card up to 64GB of memory - 15 minute/GB (high frame rate) 1 hour/GB (low frame rate)

Service: No monthly fee

Audio: None
Recording Time: Max 10 Hours (with fully charged battery)
Standby Time: Max 90 days (in vibration triggering power saving mode with fully charged battery)
Sensor Resolution: HD 720p (1280x720)
Sensor Sensitivity: 1.25V/lux-sec
Sensor Viewing Angle: 62-degrees
Microphone: Speech Grade
Memory Card Supported: Max 64GB microSD
Memory Usage: 15 minute/GB (high frame rate), 1 hour/GB (low frame rate)
Video Recording Resolution: HD 720p (1280x720) or 360p (640x360)
Video Compression: JPEG
File Format: AVI
USB: Mass Storage Device
OS Supported: Windows 2000/ XP, Vista 7/8, Windows 10, Mac OS X
Battery: 1200mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery
5V Adapter: 5V, 600mA DC adapter with mini USB out
Current Consumption: 100mA
Storage Temperature: 0º to 45ºC (32º to 113ºF)
Operating temperature: 0º to 45ºC (32 to 113ºF)


Optional Accessories

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  • Anonymous
    Aug 16th 2023
    Product Review

    Works well but had a hard time with the set up info.

  • KP
    May 27th 2022
    Great bang for your buck

    I love these cameras. They are so convenient and easy to use. They can fit just about anywhere. And the video quality is really good.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 14th 2021
    Product Review

    Always good quality video

  • Ray
    Aug 9th 2021
    Great hidden camera

    I'm very satisfied with this camera. Best part is the scheduled recording feature.

  • Ray
    Aug 7th 2021
    Product Review

    So far it is working as it should very happy and love the scheduled recording feature.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 28th 2021
    Product works as needed.

    Product works as needed.

  • Powerful camera
    Feb 23rd 2021
    Powerful and easy to use.

    Very powerful. Small size so it can be placed anywhere. Comes in handy if someone wants to monitor something.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 8th 2020
    Product Review

    It is awesome

  • safesecureman
    Jan 23rd 2020
    Product Review

    The product arrived promptly and is of great quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

How does this camera start recording?

This camera can begin recording with motion detection activation, device vibration activation, or audio activation. It can also be put on a schedule to activate at selected times.

What's the battery life? How long can it record?

The Camscura Micro has 90 days of standby time and 10 hours of recording time, with a fully charged battery. The length of time that the camera can record will also be affected by the settings selected for the recordings and the size of the memory card you use with the camera.

How long do I need to charge it?

Before first use, we suggest charging the device for 8 hours. The LED indicator will glow orange while charging and will turn green when the battery is full.

What is the difference between surveillance, on-the-go, and custom modes?

The surveillance mode is for continuous recording. On-the-go is for motion detection recording, and the custom mode allows you to use our free downloadable software to set your custom settings for the camera.

How do you configure all the settings?

The camera comes with the BHS Cam Setup Tool, free, downloadable software you can run on your PC or Mac to control all recording settings.

How do I download the free software to change the recording settings?

Please download the BHS Cam Set-up Tool here.

Does the camera record audio?

The Camscura Micro is designed for automatic activation. Therefore, it cannot record audio. It complies with federal wiretapping laws. Learn more about why hidden cameras do not record audio.

In the description, the camera is described as sound-activated, yet it doesn't record audio? Please clarify.

The camera has an audio trigger setting. In this setting, when the camera detects sounds higher than the selected sensitivity, it triggers to record a video. However, the recordings will be video-only. To comply with federal regulations, this camera does not record audio.

Can I watch the recordings live on my phone?

This model of Camscura does not have WiFi or streaming capabilities. For this feature, please see one of our remote view cameras.

How big of a memory card can I use in this camera?

The camera supports memory cards up to 128GB.

How do I format my SD card?

We have tutorial videos available on our help site.

Does this camera have night vision?

No, it does not have night vision. It can record in low light situations but not it complete darkness. We do have other cameras with night vision available here.

Can I leave the AC adapter permanently connected so it won’t turn off the camera?

Yes, you can leave the camera connected to the AC adapter so that you do not need to worry about power. The amount of time the camera records, when plugged into power, will only depend on the size of the SD card you are using as well as the settings you choose for recording.

Can this camera be used outdoors in cold weather?

This camera is not waterproof or weatherproof, which means it is not optimal for outdoor use. As for use in cold temperatures, the storage and operating temperature for this camera is 32 to 113 degrees F.