Fixed Hidden Cameras vs. Portable Hidden Cameras: Knowing Your Options

Monitoring your property or business with a best hidden camera can be an efficient way to keep yourself and your belongings safe and secure. It also lets you leave your premises with the peace of mind that can only come with the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, you’ll know when, where, how, and why. Or, as the case may be, who! However, choosing the right hidden camera for your situation can be tricky. In general, the first choice boils down to the following: should you get a fixed hidden camera or a portable one?


Fixed Hidden Cameras

A fixed hidden camera is great for a number of reasons. First, it can be securely fastened or placed at a difficult-to-access vantage point, which ensures it will not likely be tampered with or removed. Second, it is easier to put in place and “forget,” in the sense that once they’re mounted, you can leave them where they are and simply worry about the footage. The downside of a fixed hidden camera, though, is that for a large space, or in an outdoor setting with multiple vantage points required to see everywhere, your camera’s vision may be limited in scope. A fixed camera on a rotating track can help alleviate this in some cases.

Portable Hidden Cameras

Portable hidden cameras are, of course, portable. They can be set up, moved, removed, transported, and placed more or less anywhere you need them. This makes them extremely versatile, and in many cases, they can be hidden discreetly while still allowing you to gain footage of important or hard-to-see areas. The very obvious risk with such devices is that their portability makes them prone to removal or tampering, should they be found. Make sure they are hidden with care, or that you have a way of backing up the footage they are capturing live, just in case the camera is no longer there after an incident.

There is really no “wrong choice,” when it comes to purchasing home or business security through hidden tiny cameras. Both portable and fixed cameras will allow you to capture footage of the space and keep the area secure. You’ll simply need to remember the pros and cons of each type and decide which one will be most suitable for you:


Breakdown of Difference Between Fixed and Moveable Cameras


  • Single vantage point

  • Difficult to remove/tamper with


  • Multiple vantage points, discreet

  • Easy to remove or destroy if discovered


If you still feel unsure what sort of hidden camera would be best for your property, workplace, or other area, you may want to consult a security expert. Our experts at Brickhouse Security are just a phone call away and can answer your questions, hear your concerns, and guide you to the best security solution for your needs.