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Turn Almost Anything Into a Hidden Camera

Praise for BrickHouse Security's Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

"I wanted a camera small enough to hide anywhere, good enough to capture the action, and still easy enough for a novice to understand how to use it. BrickHouse is the only place that met all 3 points."
- Larry, Texas

"In late September, I had a security issue in my business. I contacted BrickHouse Security and purchased the [Camscura] Micro and received it just a few days later. Everything they say about this camera is true. It is easy to set up, and it records great video. I was able to detect the issues that were of suspicion and solved the problem. Thank you Brick House. I 'needed to know', and you gave me the tools to do it."
- John, California

"I have purchased, not one, but three of the micro black box hidden cameras. These things are awesome, I only wish I had these 20 years ago when I first started as an investigator. They are great as hidden cameras and any other camera application when you need the camera to just run, and run and run... 24 hours if need be. I have even put this camera on the dash and just let it run so I don't miss anything. You need at LEAST one in your box."
- Invap, Florida

"BrickHouse [Camscura] Micro Recorder works as described. Shipment received fast. No problems at all with instructions on use. Found many uses for the camera. Easy to transfer video to computer and edit. Happy with color and quality of video. Would absolutely buy more products from BrickHouse."
- J.C., New York

"I am very happy with the Camscura Micro Hidden Camera I ordered, so much that I ordered another one. I have used the cameras both inside & out, works good for both as long as you don't have it facing a light. This camera can record for over 24 hours on full charge and if the settings are on low. The higher the settings the less time it records. Only improvement I can see for it is if there was some kind of magnet on it to mount it for more places to record."
- Fordfan417, Online

"I purchased the little black box from Brickhouse. It is just what I needed. Small and convenient. Thank you BrickHouse. I have recommended you and highly recommend this little black box to those who need to record their environment for safety reasons.
- Devine23, Online


Published May 22nd, 2021