How to Set a Trap to Record the Evidence You Need

Coming home to discover there has been a break-in can rob you of more than just your possessions. The sense of security you once felt in your home can also be violated. The same goes for your vehicle, your workplace, and any other environment susceptible to theft or other criminal activity. Taking your safety into your own hands with a hidden camera is a good way not only to regain this sense of security, but to prevent its loss in the first place, or even catch the culprit in the act.

Whether you’re dealing with valuables going missing when the housekeeper visits, a one-time smash-and-grab from your vehicle, or continuous break-ins at the office, hidden cameras can be of great assistance. Placing them in discreet locations and ensuring they are recording (or triggered) correctly will ensure the security and protection of your home and your valuables.

With footage from the camera (or cameras) that you have hidden, you will be able to determine who is responsible for thefts, break-ins, or other criminal behaviors that are occurring when you’re not around. While they may not serve as a direct deterrent the way that locks and alarms do, hidden cameras are still a crucial part of any comprehensive security system. In the event that a break-in or other event does happen, they may give you the opportunity to repossess any stolen items and find the person responsible.


Setting Up a Hidden Camera

There are many ways you can set up hidden cameras, and among them are many ways to view the footage. Remote view cameras let you review footage, and in some cases even view it live, from a remote location. This occurs either through your phone, computer, or other device. Generally, these hidden cameras transmit through the local WiFi in your house or workplace, so you’ll need an internet connection to use them. The benefit of having remote view at your fingertips is that it gives you the potential of catching a thief in the act, affording you more critical time to contact police or otherwise prevent the crime from taking place.

Ensuring that your cameras remain hidden is important if you’re looking to catch someone in the act. Multiple cameras may be of additional benefit should one of them be found and either removed or turned off. To be as discreet as possible, you may want to try something like a smoke alarm camera, which serves as a decoy and looks identical to a typical smoke detector.

No matter the reason, from high-security business to simple home security, a hidden camera setup plays a critical role in any suite of security tools. They can put your mind at ease if you suspect something and it turns out to be nothing. And, if your suspicions are confirmed, the hidden camera provides you with the evidence you need to take action.

If you have questions about choosing the best hidden camera for your needs, our team of experts at BrickHouse Security is always available to help. Contact us directly for assistance with selecting the best camera, positioning your camera for optimal data capture, and using the footage as evidence in your case.