Smoke Detector Cameras for the Ultimate Covert Monitoring

Smoke detector cameras are among the most covert surveillance options available as smoke detectors are in nearly every space. These devices are subtle enough that they are undetected by most passersby, allowing you to monitor covertly without drawing attention to your means of surveillance. Because of the mounting capabilities of smoke detectors, these cameras can capture footage from unique vantage points not often available for other covert camera types.

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Smoke detectors are among the most common household and office appliances as they are required in every space. Because of their prevalence, they are automatically great candidates for housing hidden cameras covertly while hiding in plain sight. Covert cameras are a perfect solution for users who are concerned about devious behavior. Hiding a camera in a regular household item will keep possible perpetrators from putting up their guards and give you the opportunity to catch inappropriate behaviors in the act, for evidence. Smoke detector cameras operate from a high, wide-angle vantage point, catching everything, without being obvious about what they are. A smoke detector camera cover is the most covert of all hidden camera covers because it can fit in virtually anywhere without suspicion.

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