Smoke Detector Cameras

Be a Fly on the Wall with Smoke Detector Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are great tools for catching people and pets in action, but if they're obvious enough to be discovered, they're instantly rendered useless. If your cameras are hidden in plain sight, they can complete their mission flawlessly. Cameras disguised as smoke detectors give you the ability to monitor your home or office without anyone knowing, from a high, wide angle vantage point. BrickHouse Security offers a great selection of smoke detector hidden cameras that can help relieve the anxiety of leaving your loved ones and valuable possessions for any period of time.



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Camscura Pro DIY Smoke Detector Camera Kit
AC Powered Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera
Camscura Micro DIY Smoke Detector Kit
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
WiFi 1080p Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
Xtreme Life 4K Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Bonus Battery
Battery Operated WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
Xtreme Life WiFi Smoke Detector NV Hidden Camera
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