Security Tools for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers face numerous challenges in the field. Not only do they need to ensure their own safety while on the beat, but they must follow all of the laws and regulations that govern their behavior. Along with this, they are at a disadvantage compared to criminals who, quite obviously, do not need to follow any rules or protocols.

To meet these challenges, new, innovative products have made the job easier for law enforcement professionals. By investing in these new products, law enforcement officers can engage in more effective policing while ensuring that they‘re safe on the job.

But what does this mean in practice? Here are several tools that can be valuable for law enforcement teams—regardless of their size.


Valuable Security Tools for Law Enforcement

Self-Defense Tools

While you may normally think of a firearm when hearing “self-defense,” there are other, non-lethal self-defense tools in the marketplace. For example, you can purchase flashlights that double as stun guns. These flashlights seem benign upon first glance, but can pack a serious punch if you feel threatened. There are even three-in-one stun gun batons. The baton has three uses: you can use it as a normal baton, you can use it as a stun gun (which contains 20 million volts), and you can use it as a flashlight. Beyond stun guns and batons, you can purchase more covert pepper spray products—like lipstick pepper spray or pepper spray located in a leather keychain. If you can imagine it, the self-defense tool is most likely out there.


Car Cameras

Car cameras are pretty self-explanatory. They are cameras that you mount to the dash of your squad car. The cameras can record everything that occurs in the front of your car. As you can imagine, there are a variety of situations where a car camera would be useful. Whether you are using the camera to monitor routine traffic stops or are using it to document potential arrests, car cameras can provide value—regardless of the situation.

Some of the most significant value comes from the fact that video from car cameras is high-quality evidence that a government attorney can use to convict accused criminals. In addition, having a car camera benefits you personally as a law enforcement officer, as it can be used in your favor should there be any accusations of police harassment or police brutality. Finally, it is useful for your law enforcement department itself, as video from car cameras can be used in training to promote best practices.


GPS Trackers

While this tool may be most often used in more covert operations, GPS trackers can be an essential tool in your law enforcement department. One of the more obvious uses of GPS trackers in your work is if you were to track a criminal or suspected criminal (after obtaining the proper legal authorization, of course). Depending on the tracker you obtain, you can plant the GPS tracker on a criminal’s vehicle or even his person, if he is a confidential informant. Most GPS trackers allow you to track an individual’s location on a device like your smartphone. By accessing an individual’s location in real-time, you and your colleagues can quickly respond should there be any emergency or crime in progress.


Body-Worn Cameras

Finally, like car cameras, body-worn cameras can provide immeasurable benefits to you and your law enforcement organization. Whether you are on normal patrol or are operating undercover, body-worn cameras can be a great source of evidence should you witness a crime occur. They can also protect you should you be accused of misconduct when you are on the job. If you are interested in purchasing a body-worn camera, you can find a wide range of options, from traditional body-worn cameras that officers wear on patrol to cameras embedded in neckties.


Upgrade Today

Ultimately, as a law enforcement professional, you have a wide range of new security tools to choose from. Whether you’re looking for alternative self-defense tools or a new body-worn camera, you’re sure to find the perfect product for your needs.

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