How to Improve Construction Site Security

Construction sites commonly experience continual flows of traffic, sometimes day and night, making them vulnerable to all kinds of potential threats. Construction sites often have multiple access points, expensive equipment, and people coming and going at all times, making them easy targets for theft and vandalism. While contractors and site managers are burdened with the overwhelming tasks of overseeing workers, following deadlines, and organizing the construction project, construction site security often falls by the wayside, only becoming important when an issue arises.

Even though construction includes inherent vulnerabilities, site managers can implement simple safety techniques to keep their projects running smoothly, safely, and securely from the beginning. Here are some basic security options that can ensure the smooth operation of any construction site:


Security Cameras

To ensure your site is well secured, using clearly visible security cameras around the construction site can help ward off unauthorized intruders from your site. If vandalism or theft does occur, having a security system in place can also help in the identification ofoffenders and provide evidence for security agencies to use against the trespasser.

Having proper perimeter security can be helpful as well, but it will only go so far. It’s usually necessary to have all access points monitored by security cameras to ensure that trespassers cannot find their way in or out.

There are a variety of security cameras that can be used for this purpose, including CCTV cameras if the construction site has an accessible network, or cellular-based camera systems if your construction site does not have an existing network and one needs to be created.

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Signage may seem like a simple tool, but it can also be an effective one. Research has shown that the presence of security signage that alerts would-be trespassers, vandals, and thieves to the presence of video surveillance and security systems is extremely effective at minimizing potential crime.


Proper Lighting

Another element the increases safety in a construction site is adequate lighting. Late night lighting should be installed on the construction site and used continuously as it will cause potential vandals and thieves to feel as though they are being continuously watched. Lighting can also be more than a deterrent, however. It can help illuminate the area so that well-placed security cameras can capture important evidence and help identify criminals. Lighting should be placed in strategic areas near expensive equipment and valuable assets.


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking and asset trackers are essential tools for asset protection. Any high-value assets that are portable or movable should always be manned by a GPS asset tracking system. This ensures that if the piece of heavy equipment or tool is moved unexpectedly, leaves the premises, or is altered without the manager’s or owner’s consent, its location information will be dutifully recorded.

A construction manager or equipment owner will be able to outfit their equipment with GPS tracking technology to ensure that they are aware of every movement. Geofences allow users to receive alerts if their asset crosses a barrier line (a geofence could be drawn around the perimeter of the construction site to ensure that all equipment remains where it’s supposed to be) and motion alerts allow users to be notified every time a piece of equipment moves. This option can be helpful if someone is attempting to steal a piece of equipment after hours when the site is not supposed to be operational.

All highly valuable construction site assets that are portable should have GPS tracking systems installed in them. You can track your stolen assets easily, and this will help security agents track down and charge those involved in the theft.


Ask the Experts Your Construction Security Questions

Running construction site security is a herculean task, but implementing simple security precautions can ensure that you keep your construction site free of vandalism and theft. If you have questions about implementing proper security measures on your worksite, choosing the best industrial tools for your needs, or any other security questions, the BrickHouse Security team is always here to provide answers for you. Contact us today!