How to Design Your Landscaping for Privacy

Safeguarding the areas around your home are essential for your security. Whether you are adding security measures like cameras and alarms, or simply designing your space to optimize privacy, it is possible to create an outdoor space that can be both an oasis for your family and a haven of privacy around your home. Here are some suggestions for designing your landscaping for privacy.


Install A Fence

Good fences make good neighbors. This is especially true if your neighbors are noisy or nosy. There are a variety of privacy fences to choose from. A tall, wooden fence might do the trick, but those fences are sometimes costly to maintain. Wood fences need occasional power washings and are susceptible to damage from weed eaters. Most homeowners choose to fence the backyard since that’s where they spend most of their time while outdoors. Wooden fencing is best for blocking out views while wire fencing doesn’t obstruct the view. Consider fencing styles that coordinate with your home’s style and look.

Other yard security options with fencing include considering a short fence to enclose the front or side yards and encourage even more security on your property. You may also choose to install a small camera on the fence to discourage porch pirates and other intruders can give you an even better handle on the security within the sanctuary of your yard.


Choose Fast Growing Plants & Shrubs

If a fence isn’t your style, barrier plants can provide a high level of privacy. Fast-growing shrubs like arborvitae can create a living privacy hedge when planted in a row.

If you’re looking for a fast-growing, flowering plant, privet is an excellent choice. It features sweet blossoms in the spring and can grow a few feet each year.

Boxwood is another favorite plant that can provide a lot of dense privacy. When allowed to grow undefined, boxwood can get up to 20 feet tall. This plant is often pruned as a smaller hedge that can provide a modified level of privacy for the front yard. Boxwood is also great for shielding your home from busy traffic.


Driveway Barriers

Creating a barrier around your driveway entrance is an excellent way to increase the privacy and even security around your property. To increase security, you can easily install a driveway alert device within the landscaping around your yard entry, ensuring that you will receive a notification when a visitor has arrived on your property.


Add Covered Layers

It’s easy to overlook overhead privacy, but this can be especially important if your neighbor’s second story window overlooks your patio or hot tub. Installing a patio cover or sun shade will not only protect you from the elements, but it will also create a barrier between you and neighbors’ point of view. Pergolas are another trend that allows for light to shine through but provides enough shade from the sun and obstruction of the view into your private spaces. Adding a layer of privacy over your yard can help create a secluded space that you will want to enjoy more often and with more freedom.


Go Vertical

If you have only a few pockets of space where you want to add a touch of privacy, consider adding a vertical garden to your yard in place of a tall-growing shrub or barrier wall. This is a garden feature that is grown along a wall or barrier instead of on the ground. A vertical garden can also optimize your gardening space if your yard is too small for a full-size garden.


Design Asymmetrical Hardscaping

Adding curved areas to your landscaping is a recent trend that allows you to create different areas of privacy. You can surround one part of a patio with barrier plants while leaving other areas more open, or even seclude private seating areas out in the yard, designing the landscaping to make them invisible to people standing in other parts of the yard. Curved walkways and pathways also create depth to a landscape and prevent intruders from being able to stand close to the house, making it more difficult for them to gain access to doors and windows.


Place Warning Signs

If your yard is near a communal space or neighborhood walkway, you may often find unwanted visitors wandering onto your lawn. Try placing alarm yard signs in front as a deterrent. Put them in areas of your yard that are farther away from the house where the boundary line isn’t as noticeable to keep people off your lawn and warn them that the space is being protected by security cameras or alarm systems. This has proven to be immensely successful for stopping burglars who may try to take advantage of your property.

If you’re looking for ways to secure your yard, improve your privacy at home, and design your landscaping to make your home safer, there are a variety of tools available. Consider working with a professional landscaping company to improve your yard’s design, and invest in high-quality security devices to make your home safer.