Heavy-Duty Animal Repellent to Protect You in the Wild

Stay safe on your outdoor camping trip or hunting excursion with these animal repellent sprays. These repellents are made with a long spray radius to give a safe distance between you and any potential threat. These products are completely humane and will not harm an animal, yet stun long enough for you to clear the area. These sprays fit any lifestyle and can be easily packed into a backpack, canoe, vehicle, or tent to give you all-around protection when you’re out in the wild. Give yourself peace-of-mind by knowing you have enough protection to keep you safe in any environment.


  • Animal Repeller - Guard Alaska Bears…

    Protect yourself from bear attacks without causing any permanent harm to the bears.

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  • Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit

    Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit

    Reduce vulnerability with a canister for the home and a smaller canister on a key chain, b…

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  • Mace Bear Spray

    Protect yourself from bear attacks in a humane way with the Mace Bear Pepper Spray.

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