Plegium Combo Pepper Spray

Highly advanced smart pepper spray that also features an alarm and flashing strobe.

  • 4 year NO CHARGE battery! Triple battery packs ensure that the device will stay charged and ready for use in an emergency
  • More than just a self-defense tool, the Plegium Combo also includes a screaming alarm and flashing strobe to disorient attacker and alert bystanders
  • Sensory light for aiming and flip top safety to prevent accidental deployment to ensure this tool is both safe and effective!
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The Plegium Combo Pepper Spray is the second most advanced pepper spray on the market. (If you’re looking for the most advanced, check out the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray.) This device features three distinct functions, including pepper spray, a piercing alarm to notify bystanders, and a flashing strobe designed to disorient your attacker. A 4 year no charge battery ensures that your device is charged up and ready to go whenever you need it.

The Plegium Combo includes a variety of safety features designed to make the device extra functional, from the flip top safety lid that keeps your pepper spray from accidentally deploying in a purse or pocket to the sensory light that allows you to ensure perfect aim even in a moment of distress and confusion. For your continued safety, the alarm and strobe features continue functioning after deployment and only turn off when manually reset. It’s made from 2mm thick PC-ABS to ensure durability.



Special Feature: Pepper spray with alarm and strobe light for extra levels of security and personal defense

​Maximum Strength
Lab tested to maximum allowed 1.33% major capsaicinoids*.
3 Meter Range
Optimized Stream
Up to 10 shots.
Canister Content
13 ml (0.5 oz) - same as most popular standalone pepper sprays

​Height: 11 cm
Diameter 3 cm (average)
Weight: 73 grams
Lifespan: 4 years
Colors: Black and pink


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