Mace Pepper Gel (Extra Large)

Sticks Like Glue & Causes Temporary Blindness


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Defend yourself against attackers with this powerful and safe for indoor use Mace Pepper Gel.

  • Protect Yourself in a Humane Way - Causes No Permanent Harm
  • Sprays Up to 25 Feet
  • Pepper Gel Sticks to Your Attacker's Face & is Less Contaminating than Spray

Mace pepper spray is the most recognized personal security product in the industry. Our newest personal defense spray is a 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration suspended in a sticky gel, rather than the liquid of our regular Mace pepper spray. The gel can spray up to 25 feet and because the gel formula sticks like glue to the face of an assailant, it is less contaminating to the surrounding area, making it ideal for indoor use.The new pepper gel formula contains a stronger pepper and is non-flammable. With the improved gel form this product is ideal for indoor use, less contaminating to the surround areas, and can sprays up to 25 feet.

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