Slim and Sleek Stun Gun in Pink Packs 800,000 Volts and an LED Flashlight


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Just because an attacker may be larger or stronger doesn't mean you can't protect yourself. The perfect self-defense device for joggers or anyone who walks late at night, the Zap Stick Sun Gun (in Black or Pink) carries 800,000 volts of electrical current at the ready. Lightweight and slim, it's the ideal size to slip into a small purse or handbag. Once you take it out, the non-slip molded grip and wrist-strap helps you keep security in-hand. More than just a stun gun, the Zap Stick has two ultra-bright LEDs, giving it a dual function as a flashlight.

Safety is as nearby as the push of a button. To activate the Zap Stick's stun function, just flip the safety switch and press the trigger button to deliver a powerful jolt to an attacker capable of causing loss of muscle control and disorientation.

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  • 800,000 volts
  • 2 lithium CR2 batteries
  • 2 LED bulbs


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