Command Force Pro HD DVR Kit

Command Force Pro HD DVR Kit

Get true HD 1080p video from this body-worn button camera and do it without breaking the bank. The Command Force Pro HD DVR Kit is perfect law enforcement professionals; it attaches easily to any uniform. Adjust your settings to record the video you need, from WVGA to 1080p, or capture 2MP still images. 


What do I do if the camera indicator light is off?

If the camera indicator light is off, it may be because the control cable is loose or was connected after the device was powered on. In that case, power off the device and then reconnect the cable.

Why is the unit continuously vibrating?

If the unit is continuously vibrating, it could be due to low power or full EMS memory. Try the following steps to resolve the issue: Connect the device to power using the charger, clear the EMS memory, and add an empty external Memory Card.

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Dec 10th 2023