Protect your private conversations and workplace activities with easy-to-use bug detectors from BrickHouse Security. We sell portable units that fit in your handbag or pocket and detect nearly all monitoring devices within 30 feet. Find out if your computer or phone is bugged, and easily locate hidden cameras, GPS trackers and wireless transmitters. These handheld devices offer various alerts, such as visual lights, audible beeps and vibrate settings, to suit your needs. Prevent eavesdroppers from spying on conversations with white-noise generators. Our all-in-one bug detectors help protect your privacy at home, work and in your vehicle with comprehensive exposure of all monitoring devices.

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If you have reason to believe that you may be under surveillance a hidden camera detector or RF detector can let you know for sure. Find cameras in your office, home, or any public place in seconds with this counter-surveillance devices. Electronic bug detection can seem like a complicated prospect, but BrickHouse Security offers a variety of devices that will leave you confident of your privacy. A listening device or wireless camera detector can tell you if a bug is transmitting immediately, and wired camera detectors can sweep an average room in under a minute. An audio jammer can not only detect bugs, but it can effectively stop someone from listening.