Powerful, portable, and easy to use, a hidden camera detector is a perfect tool for anyone worried about being recorded without their consent. With the push of a button, you can scan an entire room in seconds, letting you know for sure if anyone is watching. A hidden camera finder can also house additional functions: choose from a simple spy camera detector, or a full-featured counter-surveillance device capable of detecting listening devices across all frequencies. Whatever you're looking to protect yourself against, there is a counter-surveillance tool or hidden camera detector available to ensure your privacy.

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Wondering how to find hidden cameras in your home, office, or a public space? BrickHouse has a variety of solutions to detect a hidden camera. A hidden camera detector, sometimes called a spy camera detector, can be carried in a bag or pocket for use anywhere. To find a hidden camera, just look through the special filtered lens and activate the device. Anything from a video surveillance camera to a peephole cam will be pinpointed anywhere in range. To find other devices that may be spying on you, an RF detector, a tracking device detector, or an audio bug detector can be a great counter-surveillance tool to add to your arsenal. Read more.