GPS Detectors

GPS Detectors For When You Suspect You’re Being Followed

GPS tracking devices can be used for a number of incredibly useful purposes, but in the wrong hands, they can also be used inappropriately. If you suspect that your vehicle is being tracked, convenient counter surveillance tools like GPS detectors can be used to examine your vehicle for threats, giving you the upper hand so that you can remove and disable the threat. High-powered GPS detectors are often used by law enforcement, private investigators, business people, and ordinary citizens concerned about their safety.

  • Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Personal Multi Bug Detector


    Detect hidden cameras, bugs, GPS trackers and more with the Personal Bug Sweep Detector.

  • Counter Surveillance Kit

    Counter Surveillance Kit


    Perfect for law enforcement, this kit features a camera lens finder and two RF detectors to uncover a wide band of illicit listening devices.

  • RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand


    With a wide 50-6000MHz frequency range, this RF detector boasts impressive battery life for 10-20 hours of scanning.

  • Cell Phone & GPS Detector

    Cell Phone & GPS Detector


    This handheld cell phone detector instantly alerts you to the presence of tracking devices or cellular “bugs.”

  • Frequency Finder Bug Detector

    Frequency Finder Bug Detector


    This versatile all-in-one handheld unit detects wireless transmitters, camera lenses, phone taps, & GPS trackers.

  • Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro

    Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro


    Protect your privacy from digital eavesdroppers with this all-in-one professional grade radio frequency detector.

  • PRO-10G Cell Phone & GPS Bug Detector

    PRO-10G Cell Phone & GPS Bug Detector


    This sophisticated bug detector quickly identifies signals from hidden GPS transmitters, cellphones and more.

  • Professional Digital RF Detector

    Professional Digital RF Detector


    When you need to know that your private moments are going to stay private, this professional digital RF detector can help.

  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System

    Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System


    This real-time remote monitoring RF detection system scans, monitors and identifies electronic audio bugs.

  • RF Signal Detector II

    RF Signal Detector II


    This RF Detector Alerts You to the Presence of Cellular, Bluetooth, WLAN, WiFi, and More.

  • All-in-One RF Bug Detector

    All-in-One RF Bug Detector


    The RF Bug Detector finds phone taps, hidden cameras, GPS trackers, cell phone bugs and more.

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