Child Locators
Make Sure Your Little One Stays Safe

Losing sight of your child, whether it's in a crowd or on the way to school, is one of the scariest moments a parent can experience. Thankfully, BrickHouse child locators are capable of pinpointing a child's whereabouts instantly. Choose from real-time GPS devices that allow you to look up a location directly on your phone; or simple, inexpensive locators that sound a loud alarm, alerting you to your child's whereabouts while also warding off any potential danger. Put your mind at ease with these child tracking solutions.

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  • Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker
    World-class tracking whenever and wherever you need it. Locate people, cars or assets in real time.
    Sale $129.99
  • Eon 2.0 GPS Tracker
    Named for its superior battery life, the Eon lasts for an unprecedented 100 days of fast-updating,...>>
  • Toddler Tag Child Locator
    The Toddler Tag child tracker allows you to pinpoint your child's location in a crowd up to 150...>>
    Sale $27.99

A personal tracking device for children can be a valuable asset for any parent. A child GPS tracking device is designed to be small and lightweight, so it's convenient to carry. Form factors and functions of these tiny GPS tracking devices can vary. GPS child locators and trackers can bring a sense of security to any parent of an at-risk or special needs child. The Spark Nano, for example, can easily be placed in a kid's backpack and will give you automatic updates sent to your phone or email the moment your child exits your home or his school. This tiny real-time GPS tracker is perfect for always knowing where he is, no matter where you are. Check in on his location right from your smartphone or PC from anywhere with an Internet connection. Read more.