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  • Choose Between WiFi & Local Storage Models
  • Mix & Match Cameras to Create a Complete System
  • Indoor & Outdoor Models Provide Total Property Security
  • Volume Pricing Available for Multiple Devices

Build Your Perfect System

Covert cameras from BrickHouse Security enable you to cover blind spots in your business surveillance strategy. From loading docks to the sales floor, these HD, intuitive recorders provide a full picture of everything happening on your property, inside and out. Choose between WiFi-connected cameras for live video right from your phone, or locally stored footage for easy, after-the-fact evidence. Because you're able to mix and match form factors, it's never been easier to create a robust, customized hidden camera system that blends into any environment.

Capture Evidence Covertly
With Camscura Cameras

Our best-in-class Camscura family of black box cameras is designed for versatility. Hide them in everyday objects like tissue boxes or houseplants, or choose one of our custom enclosures for hassle-free covert monitoring. Or, because each Camscura features a unique size and dimensions, they can be hidden on shelves or in other tight spaces for easy evidence gathering. With five unique models, there is a Camscura model that will fit your unique requirements, including our all-new Camscura WiFi.

Choose From Our Wide Selection of SleuthGear Hidden Cameras

Xtreme Life Provides Versatile,
Wireless Monitoring

SleuthGear's Xtreme Life hidden cameras offer live video streaming right to your smartphone or tablet. Featuring 8 hours of continuous recording and a 90-day standby battery, these completely wireless covert recorders fit seamlessly into any setting.

Zone Shield Cameras
Are Always On

Running on AC power, SleuthGear's Zone Shield cameras won't quit because of a battery. Check in on your property from anywhere using these WiFi-enabled, fully covert cameras. HD image quality ensures that you get the most detailed footage available.

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Custom Covert Cameras for Business

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Xtreme Life WiFi Smoke Detector NV Hidden Camera
Looks like a smoke detector, houses a full HD hidden camera with WiFi and onboard storage.
Sale $419.00
Camscura Pro Hidden Camera
Advanced black box hidden camera features 36 hours of battery life and adjustable HD resolution.
Sale $139.99
AC Adapter Hidden Camera
AC adapter houses a hidden camera with high-res, low light recording and covert form factor.
WiFi-Enabled Wall Clock Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life
Wide-view, HD camera disguised as a wall clock features WiFi connection for remote monitoring.
Sale $419.00
Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera
WiFi black box hidden camera streams live footage to your phone or computer in real time.
WiFi Range Extender Hidden Camera by Zone Shield
Expand the range of your network while recording and streaming covert video at the same time.
Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera by Zone Shield
Stream music over a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a WiFi-enabled hidden camera.
Rectangular Clock Hidden Camera by Zone Shield
Traditional-style office clock disguises HD camera with multiple recording modes and WiFi streaming.
Camscura Micro Hidden Camera
Battery-powered black box camera covertly records vivid HD from anywhere it can be hidden.
Sale $69.99
Outdoor Electrical Box Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life
Disguised hidden camera features body-heat activated recording and live-view WiFi streaming.
Sale $529.00
Air Freshener Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life
Cleverly disguised HD hidden camera connects easily to WiFi for real-time monitoring.
Sale $419.00
Camscura Lux Hidden Camera
Discreet black box hidden camera features low light recording with invisible IR sensor.
Sale $119.95
Landscape Stone Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life
Outdoor hidden camera captures high definition video and connects to WiFi for remote viewing.
Sale $579.00
Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera
Covert black box camera features an adjustable wide-angle lens and customizable recording modes.
Power Strip Outdoor Hidden Camera by Zone Shield
Hidden camera connects to WiFi for remote monitoring of high-resolution security footage.
ElectroBox Hidden Cam & DVR with Bonus Battery
Common-looking electrical box houses a motion-activated hidden camera with long battery life.
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