Hidden home surveillance cameras remain undetected, so you can continuously monitor your home and valuable property. High-resolution cameras are concealed inside common household items including digital clocks, power adapters, coat hooks and smoke alarms. Most models are motion or heat sensor activated, and recording time can be extended by using a standard SD memory card. Installation is easy, and detailed video can be recorded in virtually all lighting conditions. Protect your loved ones and cherished belongings with a network of BrickHouse Security hidden home surveillance cameras.

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Hidden cameras for home surveillance are a great way to monitor your property without arousing the suspicion of a burglar or vandal. Home spy cameras come in a range of form factors and features. Common alarm clocks or smoke detectors can be hidden home surveillance cameras capable of motion-activated and night vision recording. Get the evidence you need in case of a break-in or property destruction and bring any criminal to justice with one of our wireless covert cameras. A home surveillance hidden cam can be used for elderly surveillance or special needs monitoring, ensuring that your high-risk family members are getting the care that they deserve.