Get the intelligence you need with the right covert equipment. Our innovative, affordable desktop hidden camera selection provides pro-style tools for secret data collection. Whether you want to keep track of a home repair crew, see who's using your computer when you’re out of the office, or catch a clever thief, you’ll find the best motion activated spy cam for the job here. A motion sensor spy cam is the perfect surveillance tool because it only catches the footage that you want to see, bringing your evidence into immediate focus.

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No matter what type of motion activated spy cam you choose, it is designed to be virtually undetectable to anyone who enters a room. Our creative styles look just like the standard items you would normally find in a home or office. No one would ever suspect an electric outlet or an AC adapter plug is not what it appears to be. However, when it detects motion, a desktop hidden camera from our catalogue clicks into action, recording visitors' movements in crisp detail. Read more.