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Battery-Powered SG Home WiFi Hidden Cameras
Deliver Versatile Remote Monitoring

SG Home wireless WiFi hidden cameras are designed for portable, professional-grade video monitoring. With 8 hours of continuous recording and 90-day standby time on a single battery charge, these versatile hidden cameras sync with your WiFi network almost instantly, allowing you to stream live, HD video to any computer, tablet or smartphone. Add as many unique form factors to your system as you need, and check in from anywhere. Monitor your home or business inside and out with these rugged recording devices.

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SG Home Battery Powered wireless hidden cameras are portable, professional-grade video surveillance tools that are designed to be covertly hidden in regular household items. Whether they are hidden inside of tissue boxes, bird feeders, or children’s toys, these covert security cameras are designed to give you peace of mind about what’s really going on on your property when you aren’t around. The SG Home Battery Powered wireless hidden cameras are designed to sync with your WiFi network, allowing you to stream live HD video to any computer, tablet, or smartphone. This adds versatility to your security options and ensures that you are able to keep tabs on your property from anywhere.