View Live Hidden Camera Video Over the Internet from Anywhere in the World

  • Keep an Eye on Your Nanny or Domestic Employees While You're at Work
  • Know Instantly When Your Teen Gets
    Home from School
  • Watch Your Business from
    Home or Vacation

Introducing the SleuthGear QUAD Video Surveillance System

Be There - Even When
You're Not

Monitor up to four cameras simultaneously
on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Mix & Match Hidden Cameras

Start with one camera and add up to three more for a complete system. Choose from over a dozen models.

Easy Set-Up

It's simple to set up and use a single camera or a complete 4-cam system.

See in the Dark

Choose Night Vision IR models to capture video in complete darkness.

Go Wireless

Transmit and monitor video wirelessly with the included receiver, or choose the deluxe receiver with built-in LCD monitor.

Sleuthgear Quad

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QUAD XtremeLife Smoke Detector Night Vision Cam
Inconspicuously hidden in a smoke detector body, this high-powered camera hosts an extended battery ...>>
$499.00 - $529.00
SleuthGear QUAD Nightvision Clock Radio Camera
Record and monitor hidden camera video day or night from anywhere with Internet access.
$429.00 - $469.00
SleuthGear QUAD Clock Radio Camera
This fully functioning hidden camera clock provides comprehensive surveillance while you're away.
$399.00 - $449.00
SleuthGear QUAD DVD Player Camera
Functioning slimline DVD player camera fits perfectly on a shelf or entertainment center.
$399.00 - $449.00
SleuthGear QUAD Smoke Detector Camera
This SleuthGear camera hidden in a replica smoke detector gives you an instant surveillance system.
$399.00 - $449.00
SleuthGear QUAD Mantel Clock Camera
Perfect as a standalone hidden camera or as part of a discreet multi-camera surveillance system.
$399.00 - $449.00
Sleuthgear QUAD Air Purifier Camera
This unassuming air purifier fan actually broadcasts covert surveillance video over the web.
$399.00 - $449.00
SleuthGear QUAD Plant Camera
This houseplant is an all-in-one video system. Expand to 4 cams hidden in a wide variety of...>>
SleuthGear QUAD Night Vision Oscillating Fan
Protect your family and property with this unique oscillating fan hidden camera.
$429.00 - $469.00
SleuthGear QUAD Oscillating Fan Camera
With simple setup and user-friendly operation, you can see and record what's going on from anywhere ...>>
$399.00 - $449.00
SleuthGear QUAD Wall Clock Camera
This hidden clock camera makes video surveillance practical and convenient. See what's going on...>>
$399.00 - $449.00
Xtreme Life Landscape Stone QUAD
Keep an eye on your property with this durable, long-lasting outdoor hidden camera.
$499.00 - $529.00
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