Tiny Hidden Cameras
Record Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you're looking for on-the-go recording, or you need a portable tiny hidden camera that you can take with you on trips to monitor a hotel room, BrickHouse has an option for you. Choose from our selection of mini cams hidden in common household objects, from pens to mp3 players, and always be ready to record covert video. These easy-to-use tiny hidden cameras capture hours of video that you can review later on your PC or tablet.

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    Application - Camera
    • Tiny Hidden Cameras(18)
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Tiny cameras are an excellent way to covertly capture video without suspicion. BrickHouse Security offers a range of mini hidden cameras in order to provide you with the best covert security for your needs. Regular items, such as your watch, computer mouse, or lighter, can contain tiny cameras which allow you to discreetly record what is happening around you. With a variety of recording devices, form factors, and features available, you can ensure that you have the covert tiny camera for your purpose. Some mini cameras feature one-touch or voice-activated recording, offering you flexibility and ease for capturing footage. Video can be easily transferred to your computer for storage and use.