People who want to protect their property can install an alarm system, but they may also want the ability to observe the contents of their home or business when they are not on-site. Property owners can install wireless hidden cameras with or without an alarm system. Hidden cameras are also perfect for monitoring the behavior of employees, children and others occupying the premises. BrickHouse Security’s wireless hidden cameras make it simple to feel secure about your home regardless of your location.

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Our hidden wireless cameras are disguised as decorative or functional items that can be displayed or affixed anywhere. Additionally, many of our wireless hidden cameras offer night vision ability, so you can monitor your premises from afar no matter the lighting conditions. Our Xtreme Life Smoke Detector Hidden Camera has a 30-day battery charge and an unsurpassed startup time for capturing activities you may want to view. We also offer night vision wireless cameras that look like alarm clocks, oscillating fans, air ionizers and iPod docks. Enjoy using these cameras as the items they resemble while they monitor your home. Read more.