Because of their tiny size, mini cameras are some of the most customizable devices at BrickHouse. Choose a wireless mini camera that doesn't need an external DVR and record hours of on-the-go footage right to an SD card, or carry a button or pinhole miniature camera with a portable DVR and review your video as it happens. These tiny security cameras are ideal for anybody that wants hands-free covert footage.

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A mini camera can be a versatile and valuable tool for anyone who wants to record video on the go. A tiny button cam paired with a portable DVR can be used by secret shoppers, law enforcement, or anyone else who wants to record covert video. Most of our portable mini DVRs allow you to review your footage directly on the device, so if you didn't get the shot you were hoping for, you'll know in an instant. These easy to use mini video recorders are perfect for professionals and amateurs alike. Read more.