Do Security Signs Really Deter Criminal Activity?

Using yard signs, alarm stickers, and security systems to deter potential criminals from breaking in to your home or business.


What security measures should one take to protect their property?

A recent study surveyed 422 incarcerated burglars. They found that security signs were among the most considered security measures when evaluating a property for a potential burglary.

To be sure, a criminal is afraid of being caught on camera or by an alarm system. Security signs and alarm stickers create the perception of surveillance and the danger of potential threats—even if you don’t actually have a security system in place. That said, the best way to keep your property and belongings safe is to actually have an active security system, in addition to the signage.

While having cameras and using GPS trackers are the best ways to capture footage and locate stolen items, having security signs provide that extra line of defense in preventing criminal activity on a property. Here’s how.  


The Importance of Security Sign Placement

Security signs provide an extra layer of security in addition to an active security system.

When it comes to deciding what type of security measures you want to take, the first step is assessing your property type and risk of loss. If you are protecting a private property, even a vague sign referencing a security system is usually enough to deter break-ins and burglaries. After all, thieves are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Having yard signs indicating surveillance can be a loud and effective way to deter an impulsive burglar. Strategically placing signs near back entrances and easy-access windows help improve overall safety.

Alarm stickers are similarly great for placing on windows and doors, which are usually easy targets. A thief will check for unlocked doors and windows first, trying to avoid breaking glass or making too much noise. Seeing a sticker that indicates an alarm will sound off once opened instills fear and is likely to send the bad guys away.

Even a “beware of dog” sign has proven to deter potential threats, regardless of whether a dog is actually present.


Installing Security Cameras

If you’re securing a business, commercial space, or industrial property, our experts highly recommend installing security cameras do ensure complete coverage. Placing signage is the first step, but a sign won’t necessarily stop a deliberate criminal.

In fact, an experienced criminal is more likely to scope out a business or commercial space (as opposed to a residential property), where the reward can be worth more. A sign might deter an impulsive burglar but won't fool an experienced one who is likely to do their research before committing a crime.


Final Thoughts: Securing Your Home or Business From Risk

Security cameras, alarm systems, and GPS trackers are crucial for protecting properties where a sign just isn’t enough to deter a criminal.

If your security system consists solely of yard signs and alarm stickers, make sure you have them placed accordingly. It is extremely important to protect all of your vulnerable entrances. Also, make sure that your signs are easily visible from a distance.

As experts in security, we would never recommend that you use only signage to protect your property as a simple deterrent may not be enough to protect your valuables. When it comes to protecting your property, a well-rounded security protocol is always your best option.

As always, if you are unsure what type of security measure is best for you or need advice on how to most effectively protect your property, our BrickHouse Security experts are here to help. We invite you to contact our team directly so we can provide you with the information and education that you need.