Best GPS Buying Guide - 2024

Selecting the right GPS tracker can be an intimidating task. While the GPS tracking devices currently on the market offer a range of features and options, most are best suited to specific use cases and user needs.

To simplify your decision-making process, we've created a comprehensive catalog of the ten top GPS trackers on the market today. We delve into each individual product's specs, including tracking platforms, features, and mobile applications, as well as evaluate feedback from actual customers who have used them. We provide you with the good and the bad details, so you can make an informed decision based on real information.

Review this list carefully because we have not ranked it in a better to best order, but rather indicate which trackers are best used for which applications. Choose the device ranked highest for your specific need for best results!

Spark Nano
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Best Overall GPS Tracker

Spark Nano


Are you searching for a reliable GPS tracker that caters to both professional and personal uses? The Spark Nano GPS Tracker is the most versatile device available. Not only does it boast 6 days of continuous tracking or 15 days on standby, but its small size makes it extremely portable. You can easily tuck this away in your backpack, purse, or car seat for convenience.

This extremely compact tracker can be purchased with optional accessories which enable you to make the most of your device. Accessories include protective magnetic cases for easy mounting, extended batteries for an additional four months of battery life, and more. While the device is already water-resistant, a protective case can make the Spark Nano even more rugged and ready for use in harsh conditions.

The Good:
  • The most versatile portable tracker
  • Customizable to meet your unique tracking needs
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Requires no wiring
  • Sturdy compact design
  • Works globally
  • Long battery life
The Bad:
  • You still need to remember to recharge it
  • Well-built, water-resistant, but not waterproof without the added case

Verdict: The Spark Nano is a great choice for users who want optimal versatility and reliability from their GPS tracker.

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Smallest Tracker: Tracki

The Tracki GPS tracker is one of the smallest devices on the market, making it very portable and easy to stash wherever needed. It comes with a variety of accessories, including a belt clip, lanyard, and silicone case. Its portability does come with some trade-offs. Most notably, its battery life pales in comparison to others on the market, maxing out at just 36 hours. Customer reviews have indicated spotty device connectivity and a limited selection of tracking features.

The Good:
  • Requires no wiring
  • Tiny device
  • Great selection of accessories
The Bad:
  • Short battery life
  • Maps are not always up to date

Verdict: If the main thing you're looking for in a portable GPS tracker is compact size, the Tracki could be for you, but it might fall short in other categories.

Land Air Sea
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Industrial GPS Tracker: LandAirSea55

With a protective casing and powerful built-in magnet, this LandAirSea device is made for industrial use. Attach it to heavy machinery, a shipping container, or a semi-truck and know that its presence is discreet due to dark mode technology which shuts off all warning lights. Wherever you need this reliable device, you can be sure of its versatile placement options. However, it's important to note that customers report the included tracking software is not so easy to use. Also, considering it is geared for long-term industrial purposes, the “long battery life” is surprisingly short.

The Good:
  • Solid, weatherproof build
  • Built-in magnet for asset tracking
  • Good set of reporting features
The Bad:
  • Magnet can be a detriment if stashed in a bag as it will stick to everything
  • Battery life isn't ideal for an asset tracker

Verdict: If you're looking to do industrial tracking on an ad-hoc basis with no wiring needed, this LandAirSea device might be the right tracker for you.

Trak-4 tarcker image
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Long Life Extended Battery Asset Tracking: Trak-4

This simple-to-use tracking device offers email and text alerts to keep you always in the know about the whereabouts of who or what you’re tracking. A long battery life of 18 months enables users to track continuously for a long time, making this device great for monitoring stationary or moving assets such as boats, trailers, equipment, RVs, and more.

The Good:
  • Weatherproof
  • Long battery life
  • Built-in magnet
  • Great for monitoring stored assets like boats, RVs, and ATVs
The Bad:
  • 1-minute tracking intervals maximum
  • Tracking is available only within the United States

Verdict: If you are in the market for a predictably reliable asset tracking device for your stored or infrequently moving assets, the Trak4 could be your best option.

Verizon Connect
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Familiar Name Brand: Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a comprehensive GPS tracking system with a well-known brand association. The downside to this device is that users often find its usage complex and the monthly fees are amongst the most expensive on the market. If you simply need one device for personal use, then Verizon probably isn't your best option due to hidden charges and long-term contracts.

The Good:
  • A ton of features
  • A household name
The Bad:
  • Expensive
  • Not intended for retail end users

Verdict: If you're looking for a device with the backing of a well-known name and don't mind paying extra for that, the Verizon Connect is versatile enough that it could meet your personal tracking needs.

Vyncs: GPS tracker
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Plug In and Go Tracker: Vyncs

This simple-to-use GPS tracker is activated by simply plugging it into the OBD port on your vehicle, making installation so simple that almost anyone can do it. Whether you are tracking in the US or internationally, this device can keep track of your vehicles, send alerts about movement and location, provide vehicle maintenance notifications, and more. This feature-rich device is a simple, if not versatile, tracking option for any vehicle.

The Good:
  • Convenient installation
  • Additional data available in compatible vehicles
The Bad:
  • Vehicle tracking only; must be plugged into OBD port to function
  • Device use may incur hidden fees, such as a $39.99 activation fee

Verdict: If your needs include vehicle tracking only, the Vyncs plug and play device could be your simplest option.

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Easily Find Your Keys: Tile

Although Tile is a popular choice for locating missing items, it's not an authentic GPS tracker. The Tile was designed solely for finding lost objects. To identify the location of your tagged device, your smartphone or tablet with the app must be within Bluetooth range of the Tile. Unfortunately, because of the nature of this location finder, alerts like geofencing, speed alerts, and reports are not available. As such, you can only rely on real-time location data over Bluetooth connection.

The Good:
  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive with no fees
The Bad:
  • It's not a GPS tracker
  • While it's great at what it does, it only does the one thing

Verdict: While this device will not allow you to track the real-time location of any vehicle or person, it can help you find your keys, purse, or other valuables that you may frequently misplace.

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Easy Wiring: Livewire Volt

The Livewire Volt is the ideal choice for boats and other vehicles due to its simple 2-wire installation. With this device, you can either get help from a professional auto technician or easily set it up yourself, with a little basic automotive knowledge. The Livewire Volt attaches directly to your vehicle's battery providing an always-connected solution with no charging required! Plus, since no external power source is necessary, the Volt remains extremely covert.

The Good:
  • Easy to install
  • No need to worry about battery life in a car
  • Located under the hood, making it not as obvious
The Bad:
  • Easy installation, but installation is still required
  • Only works for tracking vehicles

Verdict: If you are knowledgeable about automotive installation or have time for a professional install, the Livewire Volt can be a reliable set-it-and-forget-it tracking device for your vehicle.

Apple Air Tags
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Apple Air Tags: Beloved Brand

Apple Air Tags are backed by a popular and well-loved brand name. This tracking tool is similar to the Tile, and it is reviewed as a better performer in that class of product. It is small and water-resistant. However, like the Tile, it is not a true GPS tracker.

The Good:
  • the Apple touch
  • outclasses Tile
The Bad:
  • not a GPS tracker
  • prone to unwanted tracking

Verdict:  Less reliable in areas outside active Apple networks, and unfortunately, like the Tile, this device does not allow for location and data sharing, generating reports, or other traditional GPS tracking features.

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Samsara: Long Standby Battery

A long battery life is a good fundamental for a GPS tool, and the Samsara has just that! This GPS tracking device is also weatherproof and water-resistant, making it able to be used in a variety of tracking use cases. The bad news: users have reported that the tracking platform is not user-friendly, specifically falling short on being able to filter reports for the data you need. Also, Samsara, like Verizon Connect, specializes in large-scale business GPS, and is not suited to smaller applications.

The Good:
  • professional grade
  • weatherproof
The Bad:
  • only for large businesses
  • difficult to learn

Verdict: The Samsara is a viable option for large businesses. For small businesses or personal use, there are more appropriate options on this list.

Posted by Kellie Kendall on May 23rd 2024

Kellie Kendall

Kellie Kendall

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