Reconyx - Designed for Extreme Indoor and Outdoor Use

Reconyx security cameras are rugged and weatherproof designed for extended and unmanned use outdoors. For that reason, these cellular cameras are perfect for monitoring extreme indoor and outdoor areas, including construction sites, the back of semi trailers, hunting locations for professional gamers, and much more.

About Reconyx

Reconyx designs, manufactures, and sells digital IR game cameras, operating since 2002. Reconyx proudly manufactures and operates out of the U.S. and the company is committed to providing their customers with product performance, reliability, service, and support. 

  • HyperFire Security Enclosure
  • Reconyx Hyperfire Surveillance Camera

    Reconyx Hyperfire Surveillance Camer…

    An invisible No-Glow IR flash is designed to provide illumination without drawing attentio…

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  • Reconyx MicroFire Security Enclosure Tan
  • Reconyx Microfire WiFi Security Camera

    Reconyx Microfire WiFi Security Came…

    Camera can be mounted and aimed in any direction, ensuring that you are able to capture ex…

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  • Reconyx Solar Panel Power Unit
  • Reconyx Ultrafire Outdoor Camera

    Reconyx Ultrafire Outdoor Camera

    Weatherproof camera allows users to capture complete surveillance footage even in less tha…

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  • Universal Camera Mount
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  • Reconyx Hyperfire Cellular Surveillance Camera

    Reconyx Hyperfire Cellular Surveilla…

    Discreet camera in a small, compact size is easy to conceal and perfect for covert monitor…

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  • Reconyx Hyperfire License Plate Came…

    Easy capture of license plate information on vehicles moving up to 50mph, even in complete…

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