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Vivotek video surveillance cameras provide the utmost in high-tech features for optimum home or office security and professional surveillance. From high definition, Ethernet-enabled video and audio for under $200 to the ultimate HD Bullet Style Night Vision IP with remote PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom), you’ll find exactly the features you’re looking for. These professional-grade network cameras come with proprietary VAST management software featuring 32 channels that supply the scalability necessary to build a complete surveillance network.

  • H.264 Single Channel Video Server with PTZ Support

    Stream your surveillance footage onto the Internet for easy viewing from anywhere in the world. Even through your smartphone.

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  • Vivotek 16CH Embedded Plug & Play NVR

    Vivotek 16CH Embedded Plug & Play NVR

    This 16-channel standalone NVR supports HDMI, VGA output, and fisheye camera dewarping for clear, detailed video surveillance.

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  • Vivotek 8CH 2TB NVR with 4 1080p Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras

    Vivotek 8CH 2TB NVR with 4 1080p Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras

    Weatherproof Bullet Camera For Outdoor Security

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  • Vivotek Anti-Ligature Fisheye Network Camera

    Vivotek Anti-Ligature Fisheye Network Camera

    Weatherproof security camera with 180 degree panoramic views and 25 degree tilt angles give you maximum coverage of the space you need to monitor.

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  • Vivotek CC8130 1MP Compact Cube Camera

    Vivotek CC8130 1MP Compact Cube Camera

    Keep an eye on your small business or living space with this network security camera that boasts a 180-degree viewing angle.

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  • Vivotek FD8136 Ultra Mini Fixed Network Dome

    The World's Smallest Network Dome Camera

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  • Vivotek FD8138-H 1MP Dome Network Camera

    Keep watch over a large range of indoor spaces with this quality security camera. The P-iris lens and stepper motor deliver clear, defined images.

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  • Vivotek FD8154-F2 1.3MP Fixed Dome Camera

    With 1.3-megapixel resolution, this easily installed fixed dome network camera outputs 30 frames per second.

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  • Vivotek FD8167-T 2MP Indoor Dome Camera

    Monitor your property with this 2-MP surveillance camera that can transmit images in 1920 x 1080 HD resolutions and capture footage from 30 meters away.

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  • Vivotek FD8169A 2MP Fixed Dome IP Camera

    Maximize indoor security with this camera's 3D noise reduction and tamper detection, guaranteeing optimal performance at all times.

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  • Vivotek FD8365EHV 2MP Outdoor Network Camera

    This camera integrates WDR Pro with noise-reduction technology to record high-caliber videos under extremes of both light and dark.

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  • Vivotek FD8367-TV 2MP IR Outdoor Dome Camera with Remote Focus

    Get outstanding security results with this durable IP camera, which offers Supreme Night Vision, two-way audio, and durable housing.

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About Vivotek

Vivotek is a worldwide surveillance solution provider in business since 2000. Their development of IP surveillance solutions and contribution to IOT technologies positions them as leaders in the industry. They are known for their high quality, innovative products and services. 

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