Best Use Cases for B-Link Secure Cellular Devices

Selecting the most appropriate B-Link Secure Cellular device for your personal or business needs.

B-Link Secure Cellular devices sold by BrickHouse give users complete flexibility and mobility in their security solutions. With a wireless broadband connection that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot, a B-Link device can be connected to a cellular network and provide internet access without any need for a true network connection. This allows users to set up wireless camera systems where they would not ordinarily be able to have one because of a lack of network options.

The B-Link Secure Cellular options we offer come in three different form factors, each with their own unique capabilities. This gives users the ability to choose the option with the correct capabilities for meeting your need.

B-Link Secure Cellular Wireless Camera Solutions: Flexibility and Portability

Wireless B-Link Cellular security is the option that is the easiest and least complicated security solution as it is more portable and can be set up easily. A wireless router creates a hotspot and lets your cameras communicate over a cellular network, allowing you to remotely stream footage from anywhere. The primary benefit of this option is that you do not have to use a network in order to set up security. This means you can wirelessly add additional cameras to extend an existing network, often discreetly. However, it is important to note that wireless B-Link cameras require additional hardware to connect the device to the cellular network.

Wireless cameras can be positioned 300-400 feet apart without wires, creating a large security system in areas where networks are unavailable. These types of wireless systems are most commonly used in rural areas without networks and are an excellent choice for a number of use cases. Farms and other agricultural settings can make use of this kind of system, allowing users to monitor areas that are ordinarily unreachable via network security. Many legal cannabis growers utilize B-Link Secure Cellular Wireless Camera solutions to ensure security without bringing in outside installers to set up a system. They are also a great option for larger department stores or retailers who want to have access to their own camera footage without having to go through the company’s WiFi.

Other uses are monitoring trucks and cargo containers on the go, because B-Link Secure Cellular Wireless Cameras can be used without a physical network connection. Private investigators and detectives may also take advantage of wireless B-Link cameras as they are perfect for “drop and go” uses in temporary locations.

B-Link Secure Cellular Wired IP Camera Solutions: Additional Cameras Undetected by the Network

The second option is the B-Link Secure Cellular wired IP camera solution, a wired camera that connects to mobile cellular instead of an internal network. Most often, wired B-Link Cellular security is used on the back-end of existing networks, as essentially secret cameras, operating supplementally. A secure cellular routers and wireless connection makes it a perfect option for commercial and industrial applications. You can set up reliable point-to-point or point-to-multipoint WAN connections for secure applications. A wired B-Link camera acts as an enterprise router that provides network to cameras and NVR systems that connect through ethernet cables.

Some common uses for the wired B-Link Cellular option includes security, retail loss prevention, in-vehicle communication, and a variety of other business applications. Having a functioning camera that is not part of the original network of cameras can benefit managers and business owners alike. If the team and the customers of the business are not aware of additional security, this can create opportunities for theft and other undesirable behaviors. Having that additional back-up camera monitoring the area can allow managers, business owners, and loss prevention teams to catch criminals in the act where they think they are not being watched.

Cellular-Enabled Cameras with B-Link Onboard

Called B-Link Secure B-Link On-Board, the integrated option is a camera that has a SIM card and data connection built in. Because no additional hardware is required for this camera’s complete functionality, it is simple to set up and begin using the camera. Configuration to your specific needs and requirements is all that is needed to get your integrated camera up-and-running. The integrated camera is one of the most versatile options in the BrickHouse B-Link Camera line as it can be used in a variety of network-free applications.

Some of the most common uses of the integrated Cellular-Enabled Secure B-Link Onboard cameras are monitoring vehicles in motion, a perfect option for security in a taxi or car service, as well as fleet vehicles, semi trucks, and cargo carriers. Trail cameras in this category are also effectively used to monitor rural areas or areas that are not manned by existing networks. Private investigators and detectives or law enforcement teams can use these cameras to focus on outdoor areas where suspected crime may take place. These cameras are designed to be used effectively both indoor and out.

Additional Bonus Features of B-Link Cellular Devices

The B-Link Cellular cameras are cost effective as the devices are all-in-one, with most not needing any additional hardware for use. For your benefit, the devices have accessible memory as they record to SD memory cards. Some cameras even come equipped with Edge recording capabilities and onboard SD memory options. The free mobile application that works with most of these cameras allows users to remotely view footage and make changes to the camera’s settings. Customization may also be available to ensure that you have the exact camera for your specific needs. The B-Link Cellular camera line is beneficial for a variety of applications and a range of user types.

Published September 6, 2021