How To Use Cellular-Connected Security Cameras For Business Monitoring

Understanding remote video without needing to access a local network


Being an investigative professional, whether you're law enforcement, a government agent, or you work in the private sector as a retail loss prevention specialist, a private investigator, or a security manager, there are certain limitations you face when implementing a remote video monitoring solution.

Some of these limitations are a result of where you're looking to monitor. If a property or suspect you're hoping to record is in a remote area where there isn't a stable local internet connection (like a cabin, vacation home, or simply out in public) it could be difficult to set up a camera to stream remotely. Similarly, if you're trying to monitor a business with a dedicated network, you may run into restrictions when attempting to gain access; IT departments, security personnel, and management may be apprehensive to grant permission to an investigator for a myriad of reasons. They may worry about data security, the privacy of employees and customers, or they may have a lack of understanding of the motivations behind your surveillance operation.

Regardless of the reasons why investigators face challenges in remote monitoring, there is a simple solution to setting up a surveillance operation without accessing a local network--and that solution relies on the cellular network.

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How B-Link Secure Cellular Offers Untethered Remote Video

IP cameras (also known as WiFi cameras or network cameras) offer investigative professionals the ability to stream live video, or cloud-stored video, from a remote location using smartphones, tablets or computers. But, as the name implies, these cameras need to be able to access the internet to transmit video. Realizing that not every location has easy access to the internet, BrickHouse Security introduced B-Link Secure Cellular, a way for investigators to bring a network with them wherever they go, and allowing them to work around dedicated networks which they may not be able to access.

B-Link Secure Cellular is a service that creates a bridge from a WIFi camera (like the Camscura WiFi black box hidden camera, for example) to the internet using the cellular network. Traditionally, a network camera would connect to the internet using a home or business's WiFi network, requiring the service provider's login credentials and being subject to whatever restrictions or firewalls are in place on the network. B-Link Secure Cellular allows an investigator to quickly and easily connect a camera to the internet for remote viewing without accessing a local network.

Using B-Link Secure Cellular, WiFi cameras can be connected to the internet from anywhere with a cellular connection through a lightweight, portable 4G LTE MiFi (mobile hotspot) device. Unlike other MiFi devices, however, the B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector is designed with the express purpose of video monitoring. Data is prioritized for video upload, which enables frame rates and video resolutions to be kept high. Investigators are able to check their live video from anywhere, and receive instant alerts when their camera detects motion.

The B-Link Secure Cellular service is also designed for investigators because it doesn't require long-term contracts or commitments, and data usage is never throttled if base allotments are exceeded. With flexibility in data plans--and a low monthly baseline plan starting at $19.99 for 1GB of data—this untethered remote video monitoring is much less expensive than traditional mobile hotspot plans. It's also much more scalable; as the needs of a job change, more cameras and higher data plans can be added with a simple phone call.


Making B-Link Secure Cellular Work For You

The number of professional applications for remote monitoring without accessing a local network is as limitless as video monitoring itself. By having a portable network with you at all times, law enforcement, government agents, and professional investigators are able to establish surveillance operations anywhere, without being restricted by gatekeepers in IT departments.

Law enforcement and government agencies can use B-Link Secure Cellular for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. With a number of unique hidden camera enclosures like electrical boxes, smoke detectors, bird feeders and more, agents can surveil a suspect, or multiple suspects, from one centralized, remote location. Because setup is simple, a location can be outfitted with cameras in a matter of minutes, without arousing the suspicion of any potential criminal. Sworn officers are also given access to covert cameras with audio recording enabled, which can provide crucial evidence in an investigation.

For private sector purposes, B-Link Secure Cellular is the perfect solution for retail loss prevention managers, private security investigators, secret shoppers, and other investigators that continually run into network access problems with businesses. In carrying a remote network everywhere, investigators are able to create an entire supplementary network to a store's existing security camera system. This supplementary network can be used to cover blind spots, point of sale machines, and other vulnerable points in a business, which can help reduce shoplifting, employee theft, and organized retail crime.

B-Link Secure Cellular can also help security personnel cover more remote areas of a business that may not have the same network coverage as a sales floor. By extending a network through B-Link Secure Cellular, areas like loading docks and warehouse space can receive the kind of coverage needed to crack down on cargo theft and other costly retail crimes.

No matter what industry, public or private sector, investigators of all stripes can benefit from the freedom that comes with B-Link Secure Cellular. When you can bring a network with you wherever you go, you are able to capture the evidence you need without restrictions or limits.


Published May 3rd, 2021